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"Law acts like an act of terrorism": The motive of the perpetrator after the Norwegian attack is not yet clear - Panorama - Society

“Law acts like an act of terrorism”: The motive of the perpetrator after the Norwegian attack is not yet clear – Panorama – Society

The security service of the Norwegian police has backed down a bit by assessing Thursday’s deadly attack in Kansberg as a terrorist act. At a press conference, the head of the PST said: “This act looks like an act of terrorism, but we do not know the motives of the perpetrator.”

Dan, 37, accused of killing five people in the small Norwegian town of Kansberg on Wednesday evening, went inside and outside the health service. PST boss Hans Sverre Sjøvold stressed that the investigations are not over yet. But it is correct that the person is familiar with PST.

The lawyer said the person provided a detailed statement. He justified his actions, but they did not want to share the details with the public. So far, that person has not been specifically charged with terrorism

In an interview with the arrested person’s old childhood friend the online newspaper “Netavicen” he had already informed the police in 2017 that he thought his friend was dangerous.

The Norwegian media reported the news on YouTube videos in which the alleged suspect identified himself as a Muslim and announced an action. A security spokesman said he was unaware of the video and could not confirm it was a prisoner. But it is quite possible.

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Earlier, investigators spoke of a “terrorist act” on Thursday based on preliminary findings. The Norwegian Secret Service BST said on Thursday that the attack in Kansberg at this stage of the investigation was “the origin of an act of terrorism”.

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Therefore, the police contacted him before the crime as there were alleged tendencies for aggravation. “Before this there were fears of radicalization,” he said Regional Police Chief Ole Fredrup Severut. These were followed last year and before. This year, however, there were no signs of abnormalities in the man.

Police consider isolated offenders

The man reportedly attacked several people in the city of Kansberg on Wednesday evening with several weapons, including a bow and arrow. Five were killed, four women and one man. According to police, the victims were between 50 and 70 years old. In Norway, bows and arrows are not considered a weapon, but rather sports equipment, so anyone can buy it freely.

Two people were injured, one of them a police officer who was shopping at a supermarket. The injured were brought to hospital, said Civind Ass, chief of police in charge of Kansberg. You will be in the intensive care unit. However, he has no evidence that their lives are in danger. The small town of Kansberg is located 80 kilometers southwest of the capital Oslo, with a population of about 22,500.

Police officers in the center of KansbergPhoto: dpa / Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

According to reports, the person grew up in Norway and has been living in different apartments for many years. According to Swedish broadcaster SVT, the man has already been convicted of the crimes. Last year, two close family members were reportedly barred from meeting him for threatening to kill one of his relatives. Accordingly, he broke into the apartment and threatened relatives with a revolver.

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Attorney: The man pleaded guilty

Responsible public prosecutor Ann Iran Swan Madiasan told Norwegian broadcaster TV2 that the person had confessed to the actions. She did not want to give any further information. According to an SVT report, the attacker received a public bodyguard that night.

“I spoke to my client and he was interrogated. He works for the police and gives a detailed account of what happened,” Frederick Newman, a lawyer for the Norwegian newspaper “Verdens Kang”, said early Thursday morning. Accordingly, he is to be produced before a judge on Thursday or Friday.

The perpetrators fired arrows at police officers

Attacks took place in several places in the city of Kansberg. The culprit went to a large area, investigators said. So the city center was rounded up over a large area.

At around 6.13pm, several people complained to the police that an armed man was moving through the city and shooting people with a bow and arrow. Five minutes later he was on a police patrol. However, officers fired arrows and the man was able to escape. Sovereign said the victims may not have been killed after that.

“I can confirm that there was a direct confrontation between the killer and the police officer. Then he decided to go missing again. He was not in our control for a while, until we found him again and arrested him,” said the police chief in Kansberg. The Swedish newspaper “Dagens Nyheter” ( DN) While writing online, the man abandoned himself after police officers opened fire with a warning gun.

Police stopped the culprits with a warning gun

The Police Directorate announced late in the evening that the police were temporarily armed due to the incident. Most Norwegian police officers are not generally armed. This is a precautionary measure – there is currently no change in the threatening situation in the country.

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Regional Police Chief Ole Frederup Severut has so far provided the findings.Photo: Terje Pedersen / AFP

The move comes ahead of the inauguration of new Prime Minister Jonas Kahar Store. The Social Democrat was shocked. “What we heard from Kansberg tonight shows that he has committed a horrific and brutal act,” he told the NTB late in the evening. The store took over government affairs on Thursday. His cabinet includes two survivors of the 2011 terrorist attack on Udaya.

Act before a change of government in Norway

Outgoing Conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg was “shocked” by this fact. “Our thoughts first go to the victims and their relatives,” Solberg told a news conference in Oslo on Wednesday evening.

“The reports from Kansberg tonight are terrible,” said Solberg, who has ruled for eight years. “The perpetrator committed horrific acts against many people. It was a dramatic situation that severely affected the community in Kansberg.”