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Lawyer: Accused of taking cocaine, Auron News News candidate Leon DePault defends himself

Lawyer: Accused of taking cocaine, Auron News News candidate Leon DePault defends himself

Nupes candidate Léon Thebault in the first volume of Aveyron was identified by Damien Rூo in a short video aired on social media, explaining that there is a misunderstanding and condemning the methods used to harm him.

This would have been nice video Léon Thébault invested in New popular, ecological and social union (Nupes) in Aveyron’s first district. The 21-year-old young candidate appears there in a few seconds and “snores” a white powder in his hand, the way he ingests a train of cocaine, all in an evening setting.

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An unmistakable line to share with Damien Rue, a former figure in the National Rally, is today the candidate for reorganization in the fourth constituency of the Alps-Maritime. In a tweet, he challenges his opponent from Nupes: “Good evening Léon Thebault, are you in this video?”. His record has been shared more than 5,000 times.

Contacted by our colleagues from Press Center, Léon Thebault defended himself following the broadcast of this video. He explains that he was “aware of the release of this video” and faced “waves of harassment and threats”. “This video is old”, he has been dating since he was in first grade. In addition, he says it’s not cocaine: “We’re having a party with friends.

“I will continue my campaign”

Security last, place to attack. The 21-year-old candidate did not particularly like the method used by Damien Reu: “By releasing this video, we see what the far right has the potential to seduce other candidates.”

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He concludes With our colleagues Despite considering filing a complaint against a former member of the “Identity Generation”, he explained that he would not give up his candidacy for all of them: “This does not call into question my commitment. I will continue my campaign. Above all, I will consult with my party officials at the national and local levels. I have the right to give. “