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Lazarus Project |  The popular sci-fi series is returning to AMC

Lazarus Project | The popular sci-fi series is returning to AMC

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AMC is kicking off 2024 with a focus on sci-fi, with the second season premiere of one of the most popular series of the moment.

Hey Your mother The company is preparing for a tumultuous 2024, full of great works of action, comedy and suspense, but it does not exclude the famous science fiction genre, which returns to the channel not only with the second season of this famous British series, but also with the showing of famous films, as in “any. T. The floor is extra“, written by Steven Spielberg, but also”Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets“, by the French director Luc Besson that it “Hellboy 2: The Golden Army“Directed by award-winning Guillermo del Toro.

But the beginning of 2024 for the channel is not limited only to the great successes achieved by the Seventh Art Channel, which has new series that will satisfy national viewers. The two most notable events of this month are the return of the European detective nicknamed “Italian Columbus”, Rocco Schiavone, who returned to the channel last week to conduct another investigation with the fifth season of his detective series.

In addition to Schiavone, we also have the premiere of the sci-fi series he created Joe Barton ((The bastard son and the devil himself“) British production skyin partnership with Urban legend movies. The events of the work revolve around an ordinary man who accidentally discovers that he is living the same day over and over again, but no one around him knows what is happening. Fascinated by this mystery, George plays Papa Isidu (“I May Destroy You”), he sets out on a mission to discover the whole truth and find a secret government organization capable of manipulating time.

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Great return to AMC


with this In Season 2 of “The Lazarus Project,” George will have to deal with the consequences of his decisions throughout the previous seasons. After breaking all of the organization's rules to save the love of his life from a violent death, George sees the world crumbling and is forced to return to the past to completely fix reality and prevent the end of the world.

The season is scheduled to premiere in January 8 In the MBC at 10:10 pmAnd counting on returning Angeli Mohindra ((Oceanic“), Rudy Dharmalingam ((Family court“), Caroline Quentin ((The other“), Tom Burke (“He hits”), Salomé Gunnarsdóttir (“Pennyworth”) and Charlie Clive ((All my friends hate me“), Among others.

You can find the channel in the position 63 inches Mio, 84 inches we, 89 inches Vodafone that it 38 inches now.

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