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Le Pen comments on election results in France. He talks about a historic victory and announces a fight with Macron-Widomosi

“We will be a tough but constructive opposition,” said Marine Le Pen, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to vote in the by-elections. The votes won a seat in the lower house of parliament.

However, his party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about 75 to 95 seats in the National Assembly.

– Our Parliamentary Association will be the largest in our political family history. This belief compels us, and we have achieved our goals: to make Emmanuel Macron a minority president, without overall control of power. We are working against the grassroots actions of the Macronists and the Nubes, and against the top-down dictators for the political reform necessary for democratic renewal. We will express firm but respectful opposition to the current companies, ”Le Pen said.

The politician announced political and legislative efforts In the field of immigration, labor market and security policy. – I urge all French people to join us in this wonderful adventure called France. We are fighting for France and the Republic! Le Pen finished.

France. Election Results Survey

According to exit polls, in the second round of parliamentary elections in France, the presidential coalition will “together” win 205 to 250 seats in the National Assembly. Five years ago, Emmanuel Macron’s party won 306 seats, so today’s decision is described by the media as a “failure” for the presidential coalition.

In second place is the “NUPES” coalition of socialists, Greens, the far left and the Communists. The Left will introduce 150 to 190 representatives in parliament – three times as many as before.

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The center-right “Republican Party”, which has so far been the main opposition force, could win 60 to 70 seats and be the fourth largest in parliament.

About 46 percent of the vote was cast. This is one of the lowest results in the history of the French parliamentary elections.

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