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"Le Point" withdraws article on Alexis Corpier and Roquel Carrido and apologizes to them

“Le Point” withdraws article on Alexis Corpier and Roquel Carrido and apologizes to them

Author of PointEtienne Gernelle, Posted on Thursday, June 23rd “Flat and honest apology” To Raquel Garrido and Alexis Corbière, As well as to the readers of the weekly magazine, for an article published on Wednesday, two representatives of La France insoumise, accusing them of exploiting an undocumented cleaner. Due to“Errors” And “Defects”The article in question was withdrawn, Mr. Gernelle pointed out, while two respondents demanded that its teacher be fired.

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According to the article PointThis is especially based on the alleged exchanges that took place between the cleaning lady and the MMS.Me Garrido, the SMS turned out to be misleading, the pair were accused of abusing the Algerians without papers.

MMe Garrido and Mr. who firmly denied all the allegations in the article. Corbière immediately responded to the author’s apology on Twitter. “Immediate dismissal” The author of the article, M wrote.Me Carido. “I will not stand there. (…) My family has been very affected. The harm done is indelible. Elected Vice President of Seine-Saint-Denis against Jean-Christophe Lagarde, President of the Union of Democrats and Independents (UDI).

Mr. Carpier, Chosen in Chain-Saint-Denis, Growing in the same direction : “The editor-in-chief apologizes and withdraws the article. It. But it can’t stop there. “ Assuming that he said “It’s the respect of the industry at stake and the confidence that citizens have in the press..

“Damage is over”

The couple’s attorney, Xavier Savignet, told Agency France-Press that he was preparing two complaints, one for public defamation and the other for “forgery and use of forgery” and “identity theft” on X. Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon, leader of the “Rebellion” Involved on Twitter : “Carpierre and Carrido’s slanders admit their hypocrisy. It’s good to ask themselves what path they are taking and why they are using such informants.”

“The infamous lie has already spread far beyond the truth. Wrote for his part, On the same social networkParis Daniel Obono’s “Rebellion” MP. The stimulus is to do as much damage as the Phocosphere and their macronist footsteps allies want. ⁇ As soon as the article was published social networks, especially on the right, were unleashed against the couple.

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