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“Leading Role” recap: Twist!  Aurora announces herself to Fred in front of the reporters

“Leading Role” recap: Twist! Aurora announces herself to Fred in front of the reporters

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At the Atasca restaurant, Denise reads Henrique Defoe’s log and comments to Silvina that she will find out who the person behind that character is. The boss asks her to wait tables to try to divert attention.

Roberto contacts Diego about Inés, because he believes it is unacceptable for her to use her work to get revenge on him. The makeup artist tries to cheer him up when Irene interrupts the conversation and asks to speak to him immediately.

In her dressing room, Aurora called Fred to tell him that she and Julio had already spoken to Irene. The friend suggests that they meet at the hotel, to talk more quietly, but the actress prefers to go to the park, because she thinks that going to the hotel might be risky.

At the grocery store, Angelo has just given Joel the car keys and told him that he will pretend to be a TVDE driver to spy on the homes of wealthy families. Paolo arrives and the neighborhood leader comes out with Joel to show him the car. Fernanda’s grandson goes to the store, and after looking through some things, he ends up finding his grandmother’s bag.

In Punto Sim No, Fernanda makes a mistake in making arrangements. Donatella starts telling her that she is not doing things right and Vera scolds the seamstress for wasting time and money. Donatella advises Paolo’s grandmother to go to the eye doctor and she is really upset with her.

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Angelo returns and Paolo hurries to put his grandmother’s bag in his backpack. The criminal tells him about the service he is doing for him and the boy decides not to confront him about what he has just discovered.

Vera has just entered the house… she’s very nervous and Mike is doing some breathing exercises with her. Ponto Sem Nó’s owner told him that his presence made her realize that she hated her life and that she wanted to end it all. The therapist tells her that the only thing destabilizing her is her husband and she needs to take him out of the equation. Vera looks at him and asks if he is suggesting killing Fred.

Already in the park, on opposite sides, Aurora opens up to Fred about what’s happening with Irene. He is distant and ends up admitting that he is tired of games. The actress feels anxious and tries to justify herself, but the boxing coach, at that moment, admits that he can’t take it anymore.

Vera is confused with Mike when she considers killing Fred. The boy tries to justify himself, but she ends the conversation by kicking him out of the house.

In the theater corridor, Marcelo meets Jo, who tells him that a woman named Carina has asked to see him. The screenwriter invents that she has a mad crush and tells Jo not to talk about her to anyone.

At the back of the stage, Marcelo goes up to Carina and confronts her because he doesn’t want her there. The woman doesn’t believe he doesn’t have money and threatens him. Irene’s lover says he will find a way to get the money she needs.

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At the Peixoto family home, Paolo has just returned his grandmother’s bag with her documents. Fernanda thinks it’s Angelo, but her grandson lies to her, saying the police found his number inside and called him.

At home, Vera remembers the conversation she had with Mike about Fred and decides to leave him a message saying that if he does anything to her husband, she will kill him.

Marcello goes to Irene’s office to tell her that, unlike Giulio and Aurora, he will not abandon her. The lover admits that she was shocked by the attitude of her husband and daughter. Marcello ends up proposing to break up with Giulio so they can be together.

Aurora and Lucia talking in the theater aisle. The actress is very nervous and says she will not rest until the press conference is over. Erin arrives and says she’s ready to talk.

Irene enters the room where reporters and photographers are already waiting for her. The theater owner informs those present that she has left the producer and asks for forgiveness for the video that was circulated. The journalists try to ask questions, but Lucia stops them and asks them to respect the Guerra family, as they are going through a fragile moment.

In the hallway, Irene tells Aurora that she hopes she’s satisfied and that one day she’ll realize how unfair she was. Lucia interrupted the conversation and showed Aurora a piece of news that read: “Aurora Guerra, Diego Casero’s fiancée.”. The actress asks her mother if she was the one who asked Diego to go buy an engagement ring, but Irene turns her back on her.

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Aurora, nervous about her mother’s attitude, goes to the living room and asks the reporters to wait, because she also wants to make a statement. The actress says that she has no relationship with Diego and that the man in her life is Fred. And what arrives at that moment is unbelievable. Aurora pulls him up and kisses him under a barrage of paparazzi shots.

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