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Huawei P50

Leaked information reveals some images of Huawei P50

Under normal circumstances, the Huawei P50 It will be one of the most anticipated phones by users this year, 2021. However, many of the bans plaguing the company, in large part due to the North American government, now led by Joe Biden, make this series of equipment, unfortunately, almost going into the background.

The truth is that the Chinese company has proven several times that it is one of the largest and best manufacturers of smartphones in the world, and were it not for the US ban, there are good odds of getting Huawei As a market leader.

Regardless of all this, the company continues (and well) on its way, and is preparing to announce the new Huawei P50 phone, which according to the latest rumors, is set to be launched in June. And since we are talking about rumors, a new rumor, you realize that this new series of smartphones will consist of 3 devices, the very premium P50, P50 Pro and P50 Pro +. This may mean that this year we will not rely on the Lite version, which is usually the most economical version for users.

Huawei P50 is expected to be announced in June

And as we can see in the tweet above, the leak has shared some pictures of what it says is the standard edition of the Huawei P50. According to him, the phone will have 4 imaging sensors on the back, while the other two models will arrive with 5 sensors on the back. Although we do not know the configuration of these sensors, we do know that one sensor that will be common to all three devices is the Sony IMX800. The sensors are also expected to carry the Leica signature again.

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At the moment, this is all the information we have about this new flagship, and we will have to wait for more information to see what Huawei has to offer us.

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