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Learn about procedures that focus on beauty

Acupuncture is a technique originated from traditional Chinese medicine. Today it is recognized by the US National Institutes of Health and is a medical specialty in Brazil. This procedure has many applications, and can be an alternative treatment for gastritis, diarrhea, sinusitis, sore throat, rhinitis, bronchitis, asthma, headaches, back pain or other parts of the body. In addition, it can also help reduce mental health disorders such as anxiety and stress.

This technique applies a needle, heat, pressure, and other stimuli to specific spots on the skin, called acupuncture. Cosmetic acupuncture uses these techniques to prevent and improve aspects of beauty. The procedure brings excellent results, and has already conquered such personalities as Madonna and Alicia Keys.

Dr. explains. Sele Tanigawa, MD, a medical acupuncturist and member of the Medical College of Acupuncture of São Paulo State (CMAeSP).

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“Piercing increases blood circulation at the site, eliminating toxins and increasing tissue oxygenation, as well as stimulating collagen production. The effect of puncture is greatest when associated with electroacupuncture. In this case, a device is attached to the needles to provide electrical stimulation and improve muscle contraction. This is It generates an increase in muscle tone, a reduction in sagging, and provides a significant improvement in the appearance of the skin,” he says.

What is the aesthetic treatment of acupuncture like?

First of all, you need to get a medical consultation, where the specialist will assess the main complaints – both from an aesthetic point of view and health as a whole. Following the anamnesis, it is possible to identify any health problems that interfere with beauty, such as hypothyroidism, for example, which can dry out the skin, weaken the nails, and lead to hair loss. Poetry And you get fat. “Without treating hypothyroidism, there is no miracle or single acupuncture treatment that will solve the problem,” the doctor warns.

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The specialist should also survey the full history of the individual’s health, emotions, and development from conception to the present moment. Dr. explains. beguile.

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After the diagnosis with Western and Eastern medicine, it is time to plan the points and techniques that will be useful in the treatment. “Here there is no ‘cake recipe’, the treatment is very individual and what may be good for one may be bad for another,” warns the doctor.

Needles are inserted into the treatment site and in different areas of the body that lead to energy balance. “There is a huge release of neurohormones, which give a feeling of relaxation and Well thiss. Effects vary between patients, due to the degree of involvement of the problem and their personal characteristics, but in general, on the second application, the effects are already noticed. Treatments vary from ten to twenty applications, which range from one to three applications per week, followed by a fortnightly or monthly maintenance period,” according to the specialist’s details.

local remedies

Doctor. Sley Tanigawa explains each of the local cosmetic acupuncture treatments. paying off:

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gua sha for face: It is a bone spoon massage with skin creams performed in the correct direction of the facial energy cycle. Promotes lymphatic drainage, stimulates collagen production, increases circulation, removes toxins, as well as increases absorption of the active ingredient in creams/oils.

straw cup: It is used for face and body. It is used in the treatment of cellulite, dark circles and localized fat, as it enhances energy and blood circulation, in addition to the mechanical action of suction. It’s the same principle used to treat pain.

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Electro-acupuncture for topical fat: Electric current (without shock!) Through the needles into the adipose tissue reduces the size of the fat cells, and removes the fatty residue through feces and urine.

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Electroacupuncture for sagging: The needles are inserted into the skin, at an acupuncture point, until they reach the muscles and connect to the device, which promotes muscle contractions that harden and shape the muscles. In addition, it increases skin firmness as it stimulates collagen production, increases circulation, increases oxygenation, and removes toxins. It can be used on the face and body. The first application has already achieved visible results, making the skin more beautiful, reducing dark circles and areas of redness.

Do people who are afraid of needles have any alternatives?

According to the doctor, even those who are afraid of needles can benefit from relieving pain and agitation. For these people, dr. Sley gives the following options:

  • gua sha
  • straw cup
  • laser acupuncture (application of a laser to stimulate acupuncture points, which does not hurt or hurt, but is less effective than puncture);
  • Auriculoacupuncture (application of quartz crystals at certain points of the ear to help balance energy).