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Learn about the Millionaire Plan – Executive Summary

Learn about the Millionaire Plan – Executive Summary

Bill Gates is responsible for the changes that have marked the world: from personal computing to the world of technology, passing, in recent years, with profound stakes such as the attempt to eradicate some diseases or the reinvention of nuclear energy. This time, he focused his attention on something more trivial but affecting many people around the world: beer.

Earlier this year, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and the fourth richest man in the world, bought nearly €1 billion worth of stock in Heineken, the world’s third largest brewer. your goal? Making the way beer is produced more sustainable.

In the background, the company aims to integrate a startup technology that the “Bill & Melissa Gates Foundation” invested in in 2012, called “Epic Cleantec”, which aims to stimulate the development of water reuse and conservation.

And how are things with beer? Some of the recycled water can be cleaned from showers or toilets to make beer. According to ‘CNBC’, after 11 years, Epic has already managed to produce an experimental beer, ‘Epic OneWater Brew’, made with sewage.

The process used could revolutionize the entire beverage industry, while combating growing water shortages around the world, particularly in the United States, where serious shortages are expected from 2024 due to climate change and population density.

The United Nations estimated that only 2.5% of the world’s water is fresh water, which puts additional pressure on this resource as the population exceeds 8 billion. According to a study conducted by Colorado State University in the United States, published in 2019, it indicated that half of the 204 freshwater ponds in the United States may not be able to meet the monthly water needs by 2070.

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San Francisco-based company Epic Cleantec is primarily concerned with developing waste and water reuse systems. Its co-founder, Aaron Tartakovsky, explained, “Water is everywhere in our lives. We’re trying to scale the water story to tell it in a different way, and we’re using beer as a way to tell that story.”