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Learn about the types of dark circles and the causes of each

Learn about the types of dark circles and the causes of each

The eyes are usually the most noticeable part of a person’s face. In addition to the reflection of emotions, the famous dark circles usually appear in this area of ​​the face. For some women, these spots are uncomfortable, especially when they are dark and deep.

According to a study published in the journal Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology (S&CD), dark circles under the eyes are among the most common complaints of 23-year-old Brazilians and affect around 78% of women, affecting their self-esteem and well-being. .

What are dark circles?

Dark circles are dark, deep spots in the area below the eyes. According to dermatologist Dr. Paola Pomerantzeff, it can be caused by genetic factors, excess melanin, or it can be acquired throughout life.

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Types of dark circles and their causes

Structural dark circles

Dark brown circles usually form in the deep area below the eyes, and they can be more intense during youth. according to Dermatologist doctor. Paola Pomerantzeff, it can happen because of the anatomy of the eye socket – because some people have the deepest lacrimal groove – and because of weight loss. “This can be determined genetically or due to the natural aging process,” he explains.

Vascular dark circles

doctor. Paola Pomerantzeff explains that vascular dark circles are caused by vessels under the skin. Therefore, those who have more vessels have a higher tendency to be affected by these dark circles. Also, this is the most common type among people who experience stress, fatigue, and poor sleepless nights.

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Pigmented dark circles

Brown in color, pigmented dark circles are caused by an excess of melanin in the thin skin under the eyes. According to a dermatologist, it can be exacerbated by insomnia. “Lack of sleep or respiratory allergies can exacerbate dark circles caused by excess pigment,” he explains.

Mixed dark circles

Very common, this type of dark circles occurs when there is a combination of two or more of the above types of dark circles. For example, a person may combine characteristics of both brown and vascular halos or pigmented dark halos.

Factors that aggravate dark circles

Fatigue and insomnia

The fatigue of everyday life and sleepless nights are some of the factors affecting aneurysm. This is because they make the skin around the eyes look more tired, the dilation of blood vessels promotes the appearance of dark circles, which can also be caused by crying.

Incorrect feeding

Improper nutrition is also an issue that can exacerbate dark circles. According to dermatologist Dr. Abdo Salomao Jr., member of the Brazilian Dermatological Society Foods such as sweets, carbohydrates and sodium affect the appearance of spots. “These foods increase the inflammatory process, so they affect the appearance of dark circles.”

Overexposure to the sun can cause dark circles (Photo: Antonio Gillem | Shutterstock)

Excessive exposure to the sun

Excessive exposure to the sun is responsible for the dilation of blood vessels, which can exacerbate dark circles, such as pigmented ones. Since this type of dark circles is caused by the accumulation of melanin, excess sunlight reduces the thickness of the area under the eyes and increases the concentration of melanin.

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Don’t take off your makeup

Makeup by itself does not cause dark circles, but not removing it before bed can affect the problem. Those aesthetic products Preventing the skin from receiving oxygen, leaving it dry.


According to plastic surgeon Beatriz Lasance, member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, cigarettes are also responsible for the deterioration of skin quality, as they impede blood circulation and reduce oxygen.

In addition to impairing circulation and the supply of nutrients, cigarette smoke contains free radicals and other molecules that have inflammatory power, increasing oxidative stress. In addition, studies show a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the skin after one cigarette.

How to treat dark spots on the eyes?

According to dermatologist Dr. Abdu Salomao Jr., laser is an alternative in the treatment of dark circles, as it is able to stimulate collagen production.[…] For the treatment of dark circles, the laser generates a mechanical effect capable of causing micro-fragmentation of the pigment responsible for the formation of the changes, which is then eliminated by the body. The laser also stimulates the formation of new collagen, treating wrinkles, sagging and wrinkles in the area.

Creams that reduce swelling and sunblock cream They can also help treat dark circles, but only a professional can, through evaluation, suggest the appropriate treatment for each case. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult a dermatologist before starting any treatment.

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