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Learn How Skrill Sports Betting Really Work in 2021!

The eWallet Skrill is a payment method offered by almost every online betting provider and is very popular with customers.

Sports fans can not only use it to deposit money into their skrill betting accounts and withdraw from there, but also have the option of paying with Skrill at numerous online retailers.

Throughout this article, we’ll be covering several important factors on this popular eWallet method. Amongst the most important things you’ll see in the next few sections, we can highlight the following key points:

  • Overall Info on Skrill
  • How It Works
  • Are There Fees on Bookmaker Withdrawals?
  • Overall Acceptancy Amongst Top Bookies

We’ll get things started with overall information on the foundation and some other interesting facts on Skrill!

General Information about Skrill

The famous eWallet Skrill was founded back in 2001. At that time, the company was still called “Moneybookers”, which was then changed in 2010.

The headquarters have been established in London from the start, which means that Skrill is subject to the UK’s financial regulator, the FCA. The payment service provider has received the license as an e-money institution from them and is therefore bound by high-security requirements.

It’s also been part of a huge financial group called the Paysafe Group since 2015. Amongst Skrill, the group also owns the likes of Paysafecard, Neteller, and the British payment service provider Ukash.

When it was founded, Moneybookers was still a pure prepaid system. The Skrill account can now also be linked to the credit card or bank account and includes numerous other services.

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Some very interesting news from them is that users can now also trade in cryptocurrencies or take part in a bonus program. That’s indeed great news, as crypto betting is also trending as for the moment.

What Is Skrill And How Does It Work At Bookmakers?

In order to be able to use Skrill, you first have to open an account there. This can be done entirely online via the payment service provider’s website. Among other things, you can also choose the currency in which your Skrill account should be kept.

If you intend to deposit in, let’s say, euros at the bookmaker you’re playing and also keep your bank accounts in euros, we recommend that you also select this same currency for the Skrill account, as this will avoid conversion fees.

In order to be able to use your Skrill account to the full extent afterward, verification is also necessary. Now that your Skrill account has been created, all you have to do is top up money in order to be able to pay with Skrill sports betting or other things.

This can be done either by asking a friend to send you money from their Skrill account or by funding your Skrill account from your own account with another payment provider.

In addition to the online account, you can request a prepaid credit card from Skrill. This enables you to use your account balance wherever credit card payments are possible. You can also use your winnings to shop offline, pay in a restaurant or withdraw money from an atm.

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It is also possible to have the money paid out to the bank account. Skrill thus offers a high level of flexibility and ensures that you always have your money available where you need it.

Skrill Bookmaker Fees & Costs

Profit-oriented tipsters not only make sure to get the best odds if possible but also value low fees for the payment process.

Payment at an online retailer or a betting provider that accepts Skrill is free of charge for the user, and Skrill does not charge any fees for incoming payments, which is of course a clear advantage for you if you have the winnings of your Skrill sports betting paid out.

In this case, the payment service provider receives its earnings from the betting provider, who pays a fee for using the method. Unfortunately, some bookmakers are now taking these costs back from customers by charging a fee on deposits and withdrawals with Skrill.

If you would like to use Skrill not only to deposit and withdraw money from the online bookmaker but also use it to send money to other Skrill accounts, a fee of 1.45% of the amount sent will be charged. Skrill will charge a 1% fee to deposits made by bank transfer or other methods.

In order to check the overall acceptancy on Skrill, please take a look at the highlighted link right on the first paragraph in order to get to know more about the subject!


Paying sports betting with Skrill is not a new trend but has been practiced by experienced tipsters for a long time.

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The payment service provider, formerly known as Moneybookers, is known for particularly fast payments, for which only the e-mail address linked to the Skrill account has to be given.

Skrill is regulated by the British FCA and is therefore considered to be very secure, which the experiences of the users confirm because the transactions are carried out reliably and with high-security standards.

Skrill is available from most bookmakers and has therefore proven to be a very suitable payment method for users who are registered with several bookmakers and only deposit where they get the best odds just before placing the bet.