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Learn to use the new social network that fascinates with its simplicity

Learn to use the new social network that fascinates with its simplicity

Darling for users in recent months, the be realistic It is a straightforward and ephemeral application – and why not? — Reese, which has already had 53 million installs since January 2022, according to network monitoring firm Sensor Tower.

established in FranceThe social network has become a fever among those who have spent years in the frantic routine of adding filters and clicking pictures at the perfect corners of the internet, and now, they are tired of social networks.

The platform offers the user a simple interface. There are three navigable screens: Photo, Feed, and the Discoveries tab, which lets you see photos of “random” people – almost like For You, from TikTok.

to see the Friends clicksa request is required that must be mutually accepted between users.

for add peopleJust click on the “Friends” tab and type the user in the search bar. You can also access the Requests tab to accept invitations from other accounts.

The posted BeReal notification triggers a nearly synchronized dance between the app’s users: when the warning rings, it’s time to take a selfie and quickly aim for what you want to show your followers. That’s because the app only allows you to post one photo per day and comes with a series of tools to encourage the photo to be as natural as possible.

Tapping the notification opens the dual camera screen – the idea is to show who you are and what you’re doing right now. No modifications.

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User has 2 minutes to take pictures The photo that goes to the feed takes specific information, such as the number of attempts made until the final result, if the user posted within two minutes (the time set by the app) or for those who arrived later, how long after the post was posted.

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At that moment, a cell phone camera-like screen appears and just tap the capture button to record. The front and back photos are taken one by one, and after taking them, you just need to tap Presents.

To interact with friends’ posts, BeReal allows each user to customize unique reactions from their face, a feature called realmoji. As a standard for all subjects, the network allows recording of reactions such as “thumbs up,” “happy face,” “surprised face,” “emotional face,” and “laughing face.”

Realmojis feature allows facial reactions on friends’ photos take photo: Reproduction / BeReal