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"Leave us both"

“Leave us both”

On Monday, August 9, Joanna Albuquerque turned to Instagram Stories to put a stop to the number of messages, comments and “messages” she had received regarding her past relationship with Bruno Savate. the Designer One of the many comments revealed,Fed upThe “flood” that has been targeted since the relationship ended.

NSI just want to make one thing clear: you love Bruno, I love Bruno a lot too, but Bruno blocked me everywhere: I can’t call him, I also want to know if he’s ok not with you, I’d also love to be able to call you , but I can’t in the same way… I’d like to, but I can’tHe said.

It’s not a matter of pride, it’s not a matter of anything, I’m just trying to contact Bruno but I’m blocked on the side of the phone, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, every possible social network. So I can’t do anything. If you can get good, but I really can’t“he added.

Finally, the Big Brother – Double Impact winner said “enough” to try to put an end to this:I hope this is the last time I talk about this topic, because it’s really sad to receive this kind of comment knowing that I’m blocked and I can’t do anything…Moreover, he and I have moved on with our lives and I hope he’s happy and I would be happy without him, four months after finishing, constantly reviving these memories in our heads. Please leave the two of us alone, Bruno deserves peace and so do I“.