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LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart suspended by league!

The main protagonists of the big confrontation between the Pistons and the Lakers, LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart, were waiting for the sentence to fall. It’s over now, and both have been suspended by the NBA.

After trauma, obstacles. The NBA, hit by a scene that provoked a “light” comparison with the famous Malice at the palace, responded quickly by announcing its decision regarding the partners at midnight. Fight over losing pistons to lockers.

If a sentence is mandatory for the insane Isaiah Stewart after the provocation to attack him LeBron James, The king’s position was very uncertain – some thought he would escape completely from patrolling. In the end, it was not because the two were suspended, which was released by Insider Shams Sarania.

The league punishes Stewart very harshly, and LeBron also suffered

LeBron James is suspended for one game and Isaiah Stewart receives a two-game suspension for their respective roles in the clash during Lockers vs Pistons.

A report released by the NBA on the occasion details the motives behind the league’s decision to punish both Stewart and James:

Pistons Pivot Isaiah Stewart has been suspended for two games without pay for escalating a controversy on the ground by repeatedly chasing Lakers winger LeBron James aggressively against the game. James was suspended from the game without money for punching Stewart in the face and causing an argument on the field, said Byron Sprull, head of league operations.

These penalties are in addition to those already recorded on the evening of the match (Flockrant 2 for LeBron, dual technical glitch for Stewart). Russell Westbrook also received a technical error His role in increasing the chaos. He will therefore be suspended for his annual visit to Madison Square Garden against James Nix.

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2 games for Isaiah Stewart, 1 game for LeBron James: Both are guilty in the NBA’s view, which filtered out fair sentences considering what happened.