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Legia.Net - Legia Warsaw - Aleksandar Vuković: I will not be coaching the Legia team next season

Legia.Net – Legia Warsaw – Aleksandar Vuković: I will not be coaching the Legia team next season

– By the end of the season, I want to do my best work. I dream of going out in a completely different situation and mood than embracing this team. This is the most important thing to me.

– I’m the coach of Legia until the end of this season. I do not want to be mentioned further as the Warsaw club’s coach for the next tournament, because there is no such thing. I will not lead the “military” next season, I will leave நாளில்azienkowska on the day of the last league match.

– I have this problem, I do not read much and do not follow what is happening on the internet – It works a lot, so I get specific information. I’m a little surprised that someone else imagined that. It seemed to me that I was saying something clear and general that I would not be coaching Legia next season. And there is no such thing as what I am thinking, there are opportunities for that. I know the team knows this. Let’s do everything to complete the current game in the best way. There will always be discussions about whether this helps or not, but from the beginning, going back to Łazienkowska I thought I would be here until the end of this season. I struggled to get out of the situation where the team was, and will continue to struggle. Despite Monday’s failure, I believe we are still on the right track. And we will do everything we can to make it look better than ever.

– In case of an interesting offer, can I work for the league at another club next season? Of course I can only imagine. But there are some places in Poland that do not imagine this situation. I am a coach who believes in working in our league because in this market it seems to me that I still need to prove something and I can show something. When I started working in Legia, I realized I would never be here. As a result – I’m willing to join other clubs wherever they are.

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