Complete News World - Legia Warsaw - Chesapeake Mishnevich: We played smart – Legia Warsaw – Chesapeake Mishnevich: We played smart

– In the first minutes we thought the opponent would want to attack us more. We were counting on a counter-attack after the win. Overall we had the goal of getting the score first, and we did. We are very happy. We played very cleverly. As we talked to the players, this is a very well played game. We scored two beautiful goals and we are very happy with the promotion.

– I think it’s not the difference in levels, but the performance that determines the fate of the competition. The Norwegians had their own circumstances: at home and here. Like us – we could have scored more goals. We were very helpful. Competitors in Norway are famous for attacking a large number of players, exchanging lots of passes and keeping the ball at a very high percentage. They protect slightly worse. We knew where they were having trouble, so we blocked the midfield at the right points of the match and doubled the side fields to avoid crosses. We could not avoid one of them and it was dangerous under our target. But I will not conclude that the overall score (5: 2) shows that there is such a difference between the two teams. Because the difference is not so big.

– The audience was 100% in the 33rd minute – If so, would it be tense? Well, at this point we do not have many opportunities to be fined. We were looking forward to such a match. We know how Poto played. We realized how our competitors create actions with multiple passes, but they are not entirely dangerous. Often the game is played sideways from the stop clocks and the ball comes back. But you have to run, then you lose your strength. We lost some of this strength and as a result we made a mistake in this act, but we were lucky. Then a goal was scored for us.

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– What happened in the dressing room where Legia showed a different, better face in the second half of the game? This is how games are organized. I have experience in European tournaments – although some say I am not, haha ​​- I work on the U21 team. I know that every goal lost in stupidity has made life so much more complicated. This is where the score game is played. The result alone is important, nothing more than that. We played for scores in Norway and here. We knew how Poto wanted to get the score and we wanted to avoid it. We also know how we can get the score. We had some fantastic deeds. Sometimes not a proper application. And was able to win more than that.

– We play differently, we do not merge into one system. Before the game, the players were joking because they saw the third photo / climate blocker in the first row and wondered if the contestants would play three defenders. I’m not sure, this is a player, he will play on the left side of the defense. Matthews Viteska joked that we could become three defenders in one night. I take it as a compliment because the team is not afraid to change settings.

– We wanted to take advantage of our positions. We know that players from Bodo do not play with such stimulants on a daily basis. We wanted to play more right now, make them play with safety, they have to make a mistake. He then used it to score a goal. That did not happen. The rivals were so smart, they kept the ball for a long time. They didn’t come to the ground, but they played across. We couldn’t take the ball, so nothing action. Until the 33rd minute. The guests stayed with the ball, changed the direction of the attack, no situation, but they did not let us speed up. Our activities, at times, were a bit short. We searched a free domain a few times as Bodo’s blockers and side backs play too much. There is a lot of space for a counter. Lukinhas tried to send this pass to Emreli twice, and once there was an attempt to send it to Luke. It was our plan, but we wanted to start playing differently. Failure.

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– Bodo is a good team. If we had played differently, it would have been much harder to get promoted. We played smart and spent a lot of time analyzing. The entire staff and players, along with us, explored exactly how we like to play, what is good for the opponent and what is not. We are not fully dealing with flora or hibernation. It was only after the match that I saw them play in the next game. They play on Friday and someone from us comes to see our nearest opponent live. Maybe I’ll bother and see how it works. I know that Konstantin Vasiljev and Henrik Ozamma, who have represented Legia in the past, played in the second game against the Hibernians. We must be fully prepared for this encounter to think about passing the next enemy.

– Before we start the match with Flora, the Super Cup is still in front of us. We want to play a good game and win the trophy. That is the goal. In what order will we play? We will think about it after training on Thursday. On Wednesday, several players complained of minor injuries. According to our team doctor, Arthur Jutrejjik is unlikely to play with Rako. The injury that had plagued him since the start of the first game in Bodo has resumed. We will save him for the cup game. Others will play, those who are ready. We want to present the optimal combination. This will not be the second team. This will be the first leg, but there will be corrections in the queue.

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