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Legia.Net – Legia Warszawa – Cezary Miszta: We played a very bad game

– We had many situations and our problem was performance. It is also difficult to win a match if you miss three goals. However, I think we can do it, we created a lot of opportunities, and it’s a pity we did not take advantage of them – said Lahia after a meeting with Warsaw goalkeeper Cesare Mista Rako (2: 3).

– As a team, we played a very bad match. We left the targets after the set pieces. I didn’t want to make a mistake on the first goal, I was going to leave the situation, but the striker fell into me and was punished. Then it went – a corner and a free kick. We practiced our behavior in the corner and the coach warned against it, but we agreed on a goal. When it comes to free – Ivy Lopez knows how to shoot for the whole league and unfortunately he was able to do it in this match as well.

– If the game had lasted five more minutes, there would have been at least five or six of these situations, and I am sure we would have scored a goal in the end. It’s a pity, we lost another match, but we have to see on Thursday, then in the meeting with Lechia. We have to throw in the league.

– It’s the start of the season, but we can’t be quiet when we lose another game. I don’t know if we’ve lost as many games as we have now in previous games. The most important thing is to win the next games and catch the leader.

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