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«Les Intranquilles»: une fracture derrière l’apparente plénitude familiale.

Leila Becky and Damien Bonnard finish the Cannes match with a brisk job

As the predictions for the final prize list went well this Friday, Belgian director Joachim Lapos (To lose reason) For the first selection of the competition, some cards may have been modified Image of incredible strength in bipolarity. Certainly not a good joke, but a deep and confusing work that provokes devastation not only for those suffering from this mental illness, but also for those around them.

Yet the film opens with a picture Very soft. Leela (Leila Bekti) relaxes on a beach while her husband Damien (Damien Bonnard) goes on a boat trip with their young son Amin. The man suddenly wants to swim back to the beach and sinks in the sea after being told to bring the baby alone in the boat. Something is wrong.

In many scenes of everyday life, Behind the obvious family collaboration And the obvious love that unites the cell, is a fracture. Damien jumps into a pool on one back, fully dressed, and makes the kids laugh with a wish. It no longer makes Leela laugh, she is overwhelmed by mood swings, excitement and uncomfortable actions, Excessive reactions from her husband During his frantic episodes.


He is a painter, reluctant to sleep and picks up his lithium. After all, he pulls his family into a bad gear. Leila carries this man to arm’s length It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post A shortness of breath or embarrassing coping. He fears that returning home will not guarantee peace and hopes he will be admitted to hospital. Very quick, despite some breaks in tenderness.

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Here we adore the strong performance of Damien Bonnard (Worse) As her ailing husband, and Leela Bekti (Great bath) As a exhausted wife drowning irreparably In a hopeless cycle. Very solid. Released on screens on October 6th.

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