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Lessek Palcherovich called it the "Mengel of the economy."  The former NBP leader responded

Lessek Palcherovich called it the “Mengel of the economy.” The former NBP leader responded

– This is not about Wojciech Savonievich performing yesterday, it is about a particular approach. If one of the participants behaves like Geopra’s lawyer, there is no discussion, that is, he makes the accusations without looking at the truth – said Balserovich.

Lessek Balzerovich is a shocking word by young leftists

“On My Politics website, spokesman for the young left Vozzec Savonich, Lessek P. – Mengel of the Polish economy” – this post appeared on the profile of the young left on Facebook on Thursday morning. After several critical reactions, the post was removed.

“Lessek P.” As mentioned in the Young Left post, Lessek Balzerovich, former chairman of the National Bank of Poland, former deputy prime minister and finance minister of the Tadeusz Masovsky government, has been largely responsible for the economic changes in Poland since the 1989 political change. His reforms have been criticized for years by many left-wing activists in Poland.

This post shows Balzerovich’s face with his eyes closed behind bars.

Photo: Facebook

Young leftists’ entry on Facebook about “Lessek P – Mengel of the Polish economy” was soon removed

Joseph Mengel, referring to the entry of young leftists, was a German officer and physician during the Third Reich. Auschwitz conducted numerous tests on prisoners in the camp. One of his goals was to find a way to genetically determine Aryan traits in children. Mengel was called the “Angel of Death.”

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“A few minutes ago, a post was not published in our timeline and that description was not approved by the other media team of our organization. We would like to apologize directly to the victims of this post. Just before noon on Thursday. The previous entry was deleted.

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