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Leticia Percure reveals her ex-husband's assaults: she was seriously threatened by Vervier

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The Brazilian actress and model reported her ex-partner to the authorities.

04/02/2024 • 11 h 53

Laetitia Percure recently revealed on social media that she was assaulted by her ex-husband, Alexander Furmanovich, during her 10-year marriage to the businessman, and even after the separation, the actress confirms that she continues to be threatened by her ex-husband. – Partner, they have a common son, João Guilherme, 12 years old.

The 45-year-old Brazilian model had already turned to the authorities to report the case, but said that even with the precautionary measure provided by the Maria de Penha Law, she was once again threatened by her son's father. The actress, who is angry about what is happening to her, also addressed all women who are victims of domestic violence and gave some details about her case.

“At this moment, out of respect for the thousands of women who are victims of domestic violence, I need to submit this report. No woman should be attacked, raped or threatened. I was attacked during my marriage. More than 10 years after my separation, I have been subjected to serious and unfair threats within “one of the restaurants”Leticia Berquier began to say.

“The violence against us women does not stop. My ex-husband, my son’s father, screamed in a restaurant, saying the only reason he couldn’t break my face was because I was in his presence, our son, a child.”The actress added.

The actress also revealed that there is proof of everything she says. “I was psychologically attacked. I was threatened. I was afraid. He tried and is trying to destroy me. There are witnesses. There are videos. There is a second precaution in my favor from the María da Penha law. None of that stopped him.”The Brazilian concluded.

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