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Letizia debuted a coat, which has already sold out

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Letizia's elegant look for business meetings
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Go back to your personal agenda and what should be your only commitment this week; Letizia Choose elegant and comfortable look With essential and timeless pieces. Last Monday, the Queen of Spain participated in a working meeting of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), of which she is honorary president, an issue to which she pays special attention.

Letizia debuted a new coat, which has already sold out
filming: SM House Al Rai

Letizia appeared for the first time in a gray coat, known as the “Austrian” because it was inspired by the style of Central European countries, made of merino wool and metal buttons, and the cut of the model worn by a woman. Philip VI It's a little more square. It's owned by Spanish brand Frambuä, which has named it Manet, costs €225 and is already sold out.

The former journalist combined it with a white blouse from Hugo Boss, which she is already part of treasury As accessories, some medium-heeled shoes from Guagua, a Mauska bag and jewelry, in addition to the reliable Coreterno ring, and she repeated some drop earrings from PdPaola, which she debuted during her official visit to the Kingdom of Denmark. Last November.

Remember that recently, UFO No More, A location A fashion specialist, he did the math and gave us a list of European princesses and queens who spend the most on clothes. Interestingly, Letizia is among those who debut the largest number of clothing items, but she is one of those who spends the least on her wardrobe. The reason is simple: Letizia is an expert in combining pieces from luxury brands, such as Carolina Herrera and Armani, with pieces from… Low cost From Zara, Mango or Massimo Dutti, these three are all Spanish by the way. Just like the pieces I used in this look – With the exception of the German brand Hugo Boss – thus remaining true to the title of “Spanish Fashion Ambassador”.

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