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"Let's go to the Mallos, and we haven't seen each other in our lives."

“Let’s go to the Mallos, and we haven’t seen each other in our lives.”

sita Pereira will be one of the actresses who will be part of the cast of the new TV series “Quero é Viver” on TVI, the premiere of which is scheduled for 2022, and its recordings are still ongoing.

Now, judging by the posts made by the artist in stories on her Instagram account, she will make a romantic pair with actor João Nunes Monteiro.

After recording and sharing the moment Leonor Seixas jokingly left several warnings to the young artist, Rita explains the reason for the above “advice”.

“It is something that happens a lot for actors: today I will do scenes with an actor, and he is João, whom I don’t know, by chance I have never met, we have not trained together, and today will be the first time we meet together, we will record together and we will record scenes for ‘Milos’. [beijos]. Let’s walk to Milos and we haven’t seen each other in our livesRita explained.

This, according to her, is one of the many challenges in the acting profession.

Watch the explanation video in the gallery.

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