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- Let's not doubt victory - VG

– Let’s not doubt victory – VG

Cinévante: Right-wing presidential candidate Marine Le Pen at a campaign rally in Avignon on Thursday.

As excited comrades shouted “We will win,” French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen said victory has never been closer.


In opinion polls, the right-wing Le Pen is behind President Emmanuel Macron, just ten days before the second round of elections in France.

– said Le Pen at the electoral meeting in Avignon on Thursday, my friends, let us not doubt victory.

at The first round of elections Emmanuel Macron received 27.1 percent, Marine Le Pen 23.1 percent, and leftist candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon received 22 percent of the vote.

Macron and Le Pen advanced to the second round on April 24. The deciding factor will be which of the two gets Mlenchon votes.

He urged voters not to vote for Le Pen, but did not express support for Macron. On the other hand, many other losing candidates did so.

Supporters: Marine Le Pen releases voters on the left.

Wearing a red jacket, Le Pen said she was addressing “patriots on the right” and “patriots on the left.”

Go out and vote. We talk to all the French. We are extending our hand strongly, the hand of friendship and respect, said the leader of the French right wing in Avignon, according to Agence France-Presse.

– The last avatar

She is running for president for the third time and is more popular than ever. Her image has diminished and her campaign has revolved around worrying about the rising cost of living.

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According to Reuters, it has not changed its program to resist immigration and skepticism in Europe, but it does not focus, as in the past, on the controversial aspects of its policy.

– We propose a really alternative project, said Marine Le Pen in front of 4,000 listeners. Thursday.

France has demanded a five-year ban on Emmanuel Macron.

On April 24, an assembly of elite people will come face to face. There will be a confrontation between the people and the oligarchy.

Le Pen described Macron as the newest avatar in his role-playing system.

Director: Emmanuel Macron during the company’s visit to Le Havre on Thursday.

Macron gathers support

The incumbent president received a boost when his predecessor, François Hollande, called on voters to support Macron to ensure French unity and the country’s future in Europe.

This week, Macron also secured the support of former President Nicolas Sarkozy.

On Thursday, Macron visited the northern port city of Le Havre.

“I will try to persuade all the voters,” the president said.

Macron won more than 66 percent of the vote in 2017. This year, he has aggressively reduced the local election campaign.

The two candidates are scheduled to meet on April 20 for the only face-to-face debate in the election campaign.

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will face each other in the second round on April 24.

Trump in France

Le Pen wants to take France out of NATO and replace the European Union with an “alliance of nations,” saying before the war that she did not see Putin as a threat to Europe.

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Macron is a supporter of the European Union and wants to continue NATO cooperation, but has called for stronger defense cooperation in Europe.

A researcher at the Norwegian Institute for Foreign Policy, Pernel Reker, previously told VG that a Le Pen victory would be a major challenge to the security of the European Union and Europe.

– We will have a kind of Trump in France. NUPI’s Riker says he’s a protectionist, nationalist, and very hard-line president on immigration.