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"Let's see how veteran Daniel Oliveira reacts."

“Let’s see how veteran Daniel Oliveira reacts.”

He has dedicated several nice words to TVI’s “O Amor Yours”.

Paulo AbroTV Guia’s managing editor, liked the show’s gets, Give TVI. After many criticisms of Cristina Ferreira and “All Together Now”, the station in Queluz de Baixo deserves much praise.

Ratings for “O Amor Happel”, which premiered on TVI on Sunday, aren’t exceptional, but the fact is that it has managed to beat its competitor, Agricolorator, from SIC. Divided into four episodes, the highest result of the reality show presented by Maria Serqueira Gomez and Pedro Teixeira reached one million and 182 thousand viewers., published in the same magazine.

Numbers aside, the layout is dynamic and well edited and the combos are attractive and the choice of contestants doesn’t look bad at all. If it’s too early to celebrate anything, the first sample looks encouraging‘, she continued.

Then he left a small provocation to the SIC. “Let’s see how clever Daniel Oliveira will react to this (new) attack by Cristina Ferreira.“We just knew that.

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