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Lewandowski, Coxmarek and Cobran are the best in Ostrava.  Włodarczyk "only" was in third place

Lewandowski, Coxmarek and Cobran are the best in Ostrava. Włodarczyk “only” was in third place

Cobran reached its best finish this season – 74.74m, French Alexandra Tavernier – 73.30 and Vodorsik – 72.72. The four-time world champion measured only three attempts. Fourth place was taken by Jonah Piotro – 70.57 m.

At the start of the season in the open field, Markin Lewandowski won the 1500-meter race with a score of 3.35.57. Currently, this is the 11th time in the world rankings. Appeared at the pole … shoes borrowed from Daniel Soki, a Hungarian. The competition was heavily congested, with Spain’s Jesus Gomes – 3.35.70 and Ethiopian Samuel Abbott – 3.36.32 finishing behind the bronze medalist at the World Championships in Doha (2019). Mikes Rosmis finished eighth – 3.37.10.

Natalia Coxmarek, who ran the 400 meters with the Czechs and Slovaks, lifted her life record to 52.23.

In shot put Mike Haradik was 21.30m, and Conrad Bukovsky was sixth – 19.84m, second. I am.

In the 800 meters, Matos Borkowski became the best, finishing fourth – 1.45.74, and behind him Patrick Tobek – 1.45.88. Twice World Runner-Up (2015, 2017) Adam Xcott Tenth – 1.47.49. The winner is Britain’s Max Burkin – 1.44.14.

The Renault Blaise finished 11th in the 1500 meters – 4.21.33. Ethiopian Freeveni Hailu wins – 4.04.20.

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The five best results in the world this year have been recorded in Ostrava overall. In addition to Burkin, German Johannes Vetter (94.20m), Ethiopian Ketnet Whale (8.09.47) and Uganda Joshua Zeptezi (3000m – 7.33.24) and Jacob Kiplimo (10,000m – 26.33) won the 3000m in javelin throw.

The 100-meter dash was hosted by 39-year-old Justin Gatlin, the Athenian Olympic champion (2004) and 2017 world champion. The American finished second – 10.08, losing to his teammate, four times as long, as Fred Kerley – 9.96.

The competition of the Polar Walters was eagerly awaited. World record holder Armand Duplandis of Sweden won, matching the best end of the 5.90 season. The following places were taken by American Sam Kendricks – 5.85 and French Valentine Lavilleni – 5.60.