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Lewandowski 'shocked' at Paulo Sousa's desire to leave Poland

Lewandowski ‘shocked’ at Paulo Sousa’s desire to leave Poland

Bayern Munich’s introduction, in a short but decisive statement, revealed the bitter feelings of seeing the Polish coach eager to take on a new challenge.

The request for the dismissal of Paulo Sousa submitted to the president of the Polish Football Association, in order to direct Flamengo, has sparked unease among the Polish hosts. After Cesare Colizza expressed his dissatisfaction with the coach’s position, the captain of the national team announced his shock and surprise.

“It’s Robert [Lewandowski] I was shocked and surprised by the coach’s recent actions. [Paulo] Souza,” Monica Bondarovic, press advisor to the Bayern Munich striker, announced, Sunday, to the Polish newspaper “Entrea”.

In addition to Cesare Colesa and Lewandowski, former president of the Polish Football Association Zbigniew Boniek targeted Paulo Sousa in a highly critical tone, with the person responsible for appointing the coach citing the disruptive effect it had caused.

“I feel strange about this situation (…) and I feel incredibly disgusted. I heard about that call to the president of the union. I can’t imagine him in a vice-bank anymore. Money can have such a devastating value,” he said. former leader.

Zbigniew Buniek explained that the contract between Paulo Souza and the Polish Federation, in January 2021, “makes it clear that he cannot take on other positions while being chosen” and that this link is “practically impossible unless the organization wants to do so with immediate effect.”

However, according to the Brazilian press, Paulo Sousa, however, agreed to an initial two-season contract with Flamengo, despite the Polish federation leader rejecting the coach’s unilateral termination request, on Sunday.

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