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Lexus NX: advanced and all-new cars

Lexus NX: advanced and all-new cars

As we recently reported, the new generation of the model features, among other news, an updated design and new propulsion systems, including the first electric system with the NX 450h+ plug-in hybrid rechargeable technology.

In addition to this 450h+ version, which will be priced at €68,500 on the Executive Plus level, the range also includes the lighter-weight hybrid variant (HEV) NX 350h, which will retail for €64,800 on the Executive Plus level.

A spacious and sophisticated interior, the brand is also proposing Executive Plus, Premium, Luxury and F-Sport trim levels for the NX, which add improvements in equipment and finishes.

To understand the differences between the current NX model and the second generation arriving next year which, according to the brand, contains about 95% of new components, the national Lexus importer presented a brief dynamic test of the Gaia.

We drive both PHEV NX 350h and 450h + petrol/electric hybrids.

309 hp, 450 h + It combines a 2.5-liter petrol block, two electric motors, a hybrid box and an 18.1 kWh lithium-ion battery, giving you an electric range of 69 to 76 km on the combined WLTP cycle, or 89 to 98 km on the urban cycle. This engine, already used in the Toyota RAV4, is Lexus’ debut.

The new version of the NX 350h, which uses the same hybrid engine as the NX 450h+, now delivers 244 horsepower of power, 24% more than the previous 300 hours. This increase is reflected in a 16% decrease in acceleration time from 0-100 km / h, to 7.7 seconds. It is available with front-wheel drive or electric all-wheel drive (AWD) E-Four.

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Both versions emphasize that they are premium cars, with quality and precision finishes and new equipment for safety and life on board, with a huge 14-inch digital touch screen and intuitive and easy-to-operate onboard controls.

Despite the 309 horsepower from the NX 450h+ and 244 horsepower from the NX350h, this new generation NX prioritizes comfort, stability, ease of handling and maneuverability. This is demonstrated on a route that includes urban roads and winding country roads. It was not possible for us to check the attributes of the NX on the ground.

Among them, the 450h + has superior behavior, is quieter and has more seats, as well as 70 km of real autonomy in electric mode (after draining the battery, it continues to work in hybrid mode) is crucial to reduce consumption, despite all-wheel drive versus 4×2 350 h.

The NX range accounts for 30% of Lexus sales in Europe.

68.500 euros

Lexus NX 450H +
payment system: 309 cv
combustion engine: Petrol, front transverse, 4-cylinder in-line, 16-valve, mixed injection, intercooler, on/off.
displacement: 2.487 cc.
Max power: 185 hp / 6.000 rpm.
Max torque: 227 Nm (3,200 / 3,700 rpm).
Front electric motor: 182 hp / 270 Nm.
electric motor behind: 54 hp / 121 Nm.
drums: Lithium ion, 18.1 kWh.
maximum speed: 200 km/h
Max acceleration: 6.3 seconds 0 to 100 km/h.
flow: Automatic, multi.
popularity: Total