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LG announces a "three-year commitment" to smartphone updates

LG announces a “three-year commitment” to smartphone updates

LG Electronics recently announced that all of its current premium smartphones will receive up to three Android OS updates starting from the year of purchase.

The commitment comes after an announcement earlier this week that LG will leave the mobile field at the end of July. The guarantee of three OS updates applies to premium LG smartphones launched from 2019 (G series, V series, VELVET and Wing), with some 2020 models, such as the LG Stylo and K series, receiving two OS updates *.

LG will continue to manufacture smartphones during the second quarter to fulfill its contractual obligations with operators and partners. This means that customers will still be able to purchase the currently available LG mobile phones, and technical support services will continue to be provided during the legally valid period of time. Customers will then be able to contact LG’s local customer service center for additional information and details.

* Future updates will depend on Google’s deployment schedule, in addition to other factors, such as device performance and compatibility.

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