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Lieutenant General Oleksandr Pavlyuk: – No one can hide

Lieutenant General Oleksandr Pavlyuk: – No one can hide

in Posts on Facebook Pavlyuk encourages more Ukrainians to join the armed forces.

– The fate of the country depends on it, writes the team.

Among other things, the Ukrainian army will need more drivers, cooks, IT specialists, accountants, doctors and engineers.

– No matter how much support we get, and no matter how many weapons we have, we lack people. Equipment doesn't drive itself, weapons don't fire on its own, and drones don't fly on their own. She says our units need to be upgraded.

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-No one can hide

It is clear that Ukraine is taking steps to bring in more soldiers.

According to ABC News Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently stated that 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the war. At the beginning of April, he lowered the age of those who could be mobilized for war from 27 to 25 years.

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The Russian military is likely to recruit about 30,000 soldiers a month to continue the war in Ukraine, according to British intelligence, which believes Russia still has a significant quantitative advantage in the conflict.

– The more Ukrainians find the courage to join the defense, the less likely Russia will carry out its bloodthirsty plans, and the faster Ukrainian cities will be able to return to their normal, safe lives. It is crucial to realize that no one can hide. Lieutenant General Pavljuk says the fate of the country is at stake.

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Russian mobilization

Two weeks ago, Pavlyuk said that Russia was mobilizing 100,000 soldiers who may be deployed in a summer offensive.

– It doesn't have to be offensive, the soldiers will probably only be filled with units that were significantly reduced during the war. Pavlyuk said that it is possible that at the beginning of the summer we will see administrations showing offensive intentions.

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Earlier that week, the Russian Defense Minister stated that the defense would be strengthened with two new army divisions and 30 new units by the end of the year.

– He will lose

President Zelensky has issued several warnings in recent weeks. If Russian attacks continue at the current rate, Zelensky has warned that Ukraine may run out of air defenses.

Both NATO and the European Union are trying to speed up arms production to provide the Ukrainians with more weapons, but it takes time.

An aid package worth $60 billion is currently stalled in Congress because Republicans are obstructing it. Zelensky said on Sunday that if Congress did not approve the aid package, Ukraine would lose the war.