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Liga: Ronald Coman fired as FC Barcelona coach following his defeat to Rayo Vallecano

Liga: Ronald Coman fired as FC Barcelona coach following his defeat to Rayo Vallecano

Was it a loss to Rayo Valegano or did Ronald Koeman refuse to look into it? FC Barcelona have decided to remove the Dutch coach from their captaincy. Daily Sports He noted a setback a few minutes ago. “The droplet that broke the camel’s back“But it was the general situation of a team that was deteriorating from week to week that prompted the leaders to make this decision. It was Barcelona captain Jon Laborda who announced the decision to his former coach. The latter congratulated his players.

Ninth in La Liga, defeated by Atletico de Madrid, Real and Rayo Vallecano in the last four tournaments in the league and not in the best position in the Champions League (3rd with 3 points in their group), FC Barcelona really go one way. A very complex phenomenon. Trouble for Komen since taking over as club president in August 2020. Sports, Plugrana team’s worst style of play would have entered the reaction, which led to the decision to split with Koman. The announcement did not last, as the announcement came within four hours of the end of the game against Roy. The club obviously thanked Gomez, but he will never leave good memories of the time he coached in Catalonia.


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Common out and assistant service?

Barcelona wants to inject “Fresh blood“In the words of the game. Also, the latter but Mundo Deportivo is also pushing the service as a privileged path. The Catalan daily notes that contacts are ongoing despite the need to negotiate his departure from Qatar. The coach of Al-Saad SC, Xavi will be interested.

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However, Mundo also cites the name of Marcelo Gallardo, who currently coaches River Plate, if this route fails. Reserve team coach Sergei Barjuan will take over in the interim. The ball is on the court of the server. Lionel Messi is no longer at his club and it remains to be seen whether he will like the fact that he ranks eleven worthy of his position.

Xavi Hernandez (Al Sad)

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