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LigaT implements free public Wi-Fi networks

LigaT implements free public Wi-Fi networks

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The news will not stop there.

It is very likely that you have already heard about it by now LigaTthe latest national operator to emerge in a somewhat saturated market, but one that nonetheless promises to make its mark.

Over the past year, LigaT has not only broadened horizons, but also strengthened relationships with people in the regions it now calls “home”. We’re talking about an operator that has great prices for those who are only looking for one thing: Internet.

There is a package of 15 euros/ month with 500 Mbps download and upload speed, a package of 20 euros/month with 1 Gbps download and upload speed, and also a package, in this case of 35 euros/month, ensuring a download and upload speed of 2.5 Gbps. These cheaper packages include a worthy installation offer 120 euros. Best of everything? There is no loyalty!

Therefore, it is natural for us to know that LigaT is following its path, even if at the moment it operates more on a regional level. Something that promises to change in the near future, as the operator wants to reach more and more people.

For example, for those people who still cannot rely on fiber Internet service, LigaT has introduced a television service focusing on the best national content, which brings together 60-70% of audiences. “We’ve arrived with a unique TV service in Portugal so you can finally say goodbye to the 200 TV channels you don’t even watch, or better yet, that you don’t even know about, plus 24 months loyalty plans.”The company says on its website to offer League TV.

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Currently, prices start from 5.99 euros/month, and as with online service, there is no loyalty period. As expected, LigaT has seized the opportunity to create internet and TV packages at very exciting prices.

But there are also other interesting details to reveal. For example, LigaT has implemented public Wi-Fi networks in key locations, not only to provide high-quality internet access, but also as a way to support local communities in the different regions in which it operates.

Another very interesting note is that, as we have already revealed in other articles, the operator must prepare to work on mobile networks. At least that’s what she suggests in her latest newsletter, in which she promises soon “something revolutionary”under development “Something amazing that will redefine the mobile experience”.

We are here waiting for news.