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Liliana Almeida accused of having an affair with her ex-girlfriend Jaci Duarte: “the two are still together and talking” – Nacional

a CMTV commentator Adriano Silva Martins pointed out Jaci Duarte, Liliana Almeida’s ex-girlfriend, As one of the possible protagonists of The singer broke up with Bruno Di Carvalho.

According to Adrian, Liliana and Gacy “stay united and talk.”

“I am a huge supporter of the couple, because even though half of Portugal opposed and did not believe in Liliana and Bruno de Carvalho’s love, I somehow wanted to believe that this love was real and real,” Adriano begins to explain in the post.Jornal da Meia-Noite’ this Thursday, the 16th.

“I ask several questions of the audience here — and they’re not hints, they’re basically questions. When Liliana entered Big Brother, she had Affair with a girlfriend, Jaci Duarte, and suddenly falls in love with Bruno de Carvalho. Can a person suddenly fall out of love and fall back in love with such intensity? Adriano Silva Martins was shot.

“Where does Jaci Duarte live? She lives in the Algarve,” the commentator noted, noting that Liliana Almeida in the south of the country is separated from her husband. Was there a complete break in relations, not love, but friendship and closeness between Liliana and Jassi Duarte? The information I have is that there is no complete cut.”He said.

The two are still united and talking. Is Jacy Duarte one of the reasons for this breakup between Bruno de Carvalho and Liliana Almeida?

Bruno de Carvalho and Liliana Almeida’s breakup rumors were started by the same man. ex-sporting president, When he said in a video clip that he would not attend his wife’s 40th birthday, in the Algarve, because of his “mistake”. “I want to say she’s an amazing woman, so many times, almost always, I just couldn’t match. That’s what it is,” Bruno stated in a later-deleted video.

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“Everything is fine,” Liliana told TV Joya this week. “No, I’m not separatedhe added.