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Liliana Almeida dedicates a letter to Bruno de Carvalho’s daughter

Liliana Almeida dedicates a letter to Bruno de Carvalho’s daughter

DrBruno de Carvalho celebrated the birthday of his eldest daughter, Ana Catarina, on Instagram, and it was the turn of the ex-president of Sporting’s wife, Liliana Almeida, to celebrate the date publicly.

“Congratulations. Free spirits give more life to the world and you’re not only free, you’re love. Knowing you’ve been holding me back too. You’re a light. In my heart forever, even always”, the artist wrote in one of the publications, which she presented in Stories.

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But he didn’t stop there and also showed that he was with Ana Catarina and Bruno Di Carvalho on the beach. Watch the video from the gallery.

It must be remembered that the young woman, who just turned 20, is the result of Bruno Di Carvalho’s previous relationship with Irina Yankovic. The former president of Sporting is also the father of Diana, who was born from a marriage that ended with Claudia Gomez and Leonor, from the relationship that ended with Joanna Ornelas.

Currently, Bruno de Carvalho is married to Liliana Almeida.

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