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Liliana Almeida holds the feelings of Bruno de Carvalho.  Girlfriend React - Big Brother

Liliana Almeida holds the feelings of Bruno de Carvalho. Girlfriend React – Big Brother

In a conversation with Cristina Ferreira, Bruno di Carvalho admitted that he had fallen in love with Liliana Almeida. Before the singer joined the head of the house in the confessional, he chose not to address the feelings the fellow would have for him. Once together, they managed to have each other present moments which they have shared in the past few days.

When asked how she felt about Bruno di Carvalho, Liliana didn’t want to measure love, but she didn’t get into the fashion world either. “What I feel for Bruno is very, very strong,” content, which led to great applause from the audience. He said the artist “absolutely” did not expect this result.

His girlfriend, Jacy Duarte, apologized. “And she knows she will be an eternity in my life,” he said, too. However, Liliana was not sure that she was still engaged. “Do you think there is still someone waiting for you?” asked the announcer. “I don’t know. And I think after all this I won’t get it,” he said.

The singer also does not know whether this apology will be accepted. “I guess it’s up to her to realize the hole she left, or even if she frees her,” advanced. He admits that he is unable, for the time being, to identify what he was developing with Bruno de Carvalho: “It’s a set of situations that don’t allow me to be clear.”

Bruno de Carvalho has already confirmed that he will leave when Liliana is also fired. Christina Ferreira’s questions about Liliana’s marital status elicited a reaction from her friend who left her abroad. “I now have official spokespeople on Portuguese TV! What an honor,” the barber wrote on Instagram to applause.

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