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Liliana Almeida radiante com surpresa (e presente) especial de Bruno de Carvalho: “Amo-te bué!”

Liliana Almeida shines with a special surprise (and gift) from Bruno di Carvalho: “I love you, Boy!”

Liliana Almeida and Bruno de Carvalho celebrated six months of dating yesterday, and the special date was highlighted, as well as the spotlight on social networks, at the shows the couple held last night.

After performing at Moçarria concerts where broke a record From help, Bruno de Carvalho went to Coimbra to surprise his mother more than anything else, who was performing in the 90s revenge at NB Club, and it was there that he made her a very special gift by presenting her a bouquet of orchids. ..

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After the DJ’s publication, Liliana Almeida was equally happy and highlighted the moment on her social networks: “a Tweet embed It always surprises me and that makes life more attractive. He came from your GIG and came to me in a hurry to give me 6 orchids because yesterday we celebrated 6 months of our crazy love“, he wrote.

My boss, grateful for your love, for being that man who reinvents himself, who believes that together we are stronger and because he knows like me, that family is the beginning and the end. I love you!The singer added the statement.

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