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Lily Red Bull watches the 16th round of subduing Salzburg

Lily Red Bull watches the 16th round of subduing Salzburg

The Champions League is largely like the Western landscape. A ruthless territory where even the slightest mistake is severely punished. Lily knows these regions and has been punished on many occasions in its recent continental history. In Europe, he knows that the world of football is divided into two categories: those who cross the board and those who dig the pit.

The winner, Tuesday, November 23, Red Bull Salzburg (1-0), is once on the right side of the Lily Olympic Sports Club (LOSC) gun. First in their team G, Jonathan David’s partners, scorer, are approaching the knockout stages of the Queen’s Tournament in Europe. The draw, which takes place in Wolfsburg in early December, will confirm eligibility for the French championship.

Recall the meeting: The LOSC Mastiffs won by forceps against Salzburg

Time flies in football. Three weeks ago it was pointed out for their indecent journey to remember those who were on the team during the last Champions League campaign – Jose Fonte’s partners have changed course in two games. After winning at Seville (2-1), the Mastiffs continued against the Austrian champions. With the same recipe as in Andalusia: Dedication, a new defense and Jonathan David sharp in attack. “It was a tough match, more intense, and we know the Champions League demands it, Noted as the only goal scorer of the game. The game is not easy, sometimes it gets a little dirty, but we know we have to get over it. ”

Jonathan David still found the hole

In the first twenty minutes of the game RB Leipzig dominated using the loss of Lily balls, with Jocelyn Korvenek’s men sneaking down before adjusting the shot. As they began to line up more vertical play, they opened the scoring following a small number of Bruck Yilmas, entered the box, and missed permission from the Austrian defense. Jonathan David, who performed well, did not hesitate to align the opposing goalkeeper (1-0, 31).e) The 21-year-old Canadian, who has already scored a goal in Sevilla, became the first Lily resident to score two goals in several Champions League matches since Moussa Chow in 2011.

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Since the start of the season, the LOSC Corvenek edition lacks the characteristic unwavering solidity of Christophe Calder. In the league – which was the case in Monaco last weekend – they often took the lead before joining. If Salzburg try to reach the goal again in the second half, the team of striker Karim Adomi, during the first leg (with two penalties) the poison for Lily’s defense could never have been dangerous. “We were not good enough for the last three pitch, Captain Andreas Ulmer of Salzburg regretted. We often made the wrong decisions and got some opportunities. But we played against a good team. “

At a Pierre-Mauroy Stadium, if not the game, his team’s consistent commitment, LOSC will not let up. He won his first home game after AEK’s win against Athens in 2006. “This is LOSC’s first win in the Champions League in Pierre-Mauro [inauguré en 2012], It’s nothing “, Pleasing Jocelyn Gourvennec. For the French technician, rescuing a champion team from France, however, is the result. “Before the first game against Wolfsburg, we announced that we would play 300% in the Champions League, and that’s what we are showing today.. We had the best defensive ability from the start of the match. “

Where to go first

Last in Group G three weeks ago, Lille first found themselves in a tight spot where everything would be played in the last match. By holding their destiny in their hands. “Whatever happens, there will be a European competition in Lille in February. Gourvennec continues, his club are guaranteed a bad third place and will be transferred to the Europa League. Now we hope it will be so beautiful. “ And Jonathan Pamba’s team wants to win their last match on Tuesday.

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If the Champions League were a Western team, the final day of Group G would be like two fights to the death on the high street. When the Wolfsburg-Lilly and Salzburg-Sevilla teams start on Wednesday, December 8, all four teams can dream of qualifying. But the main street in Salzburg remains empty. Due to the renovation announced in Austria, the game will have to walk behind closed doors. “It’s a shame, Andreas Ulmer regretted, Our team will be eligible to have our spectators for this final. “

Forced to win in the hope of a hypothetical qualification against Wolfsburg, Lily must avoid failure to assert her own merit. Hopeful bite at a meeting between Jonathan David’s allies, the Wolves and the Mastiffs – “For the talent of an old man over 21”, According to his coach – chain desire. “We have not done anything yet, The coach insists. There is one more game, and it is necessary to provide a big fight in Wolfsburg. ” Managing to survive in a ruthless universe known as the Champions League, he wants his men to be inspired by their journey to go up the slope in the league.