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Limoges Benfica Basketball Champions League

Limoges Benfica Basketball Champions League

Game Summary

Champions League
the second day
group and
The final result
Translator: 40-36
1 o 2 o 3 x 4 S
16-22 40-36 57-52 67-68

strong! He started winning, he was losing, and with a great showing in the last quarter, he was Benfica He beat Limoges, with a score of 67-68, in a match within the second round of Group F of the Champions League. The match took place on Tuesday, October 11th, at the Palais des Sports in Poblanc, France.

Transcendence, Focus and “Playing on the Edge” The indications given by Norberto Alves in the match preview against the French team Limoges, were for the Red Victory. on the scene, Benfica’s strategy…

The match begins with the opponent in the best plan and superiority to be discussed until 9-8. Effective in stealing the ball and using the treblewhich fell naturally, made the red part of 0-4 (9-12) and Lead the brand. special for Aaron Broussard In the first bedroom, with He scored 11 points in the lead with a 16-22 . lead.

In the second half of the match, it was Limoges roses. On 16-25 Massimo Cancellieri asked time out And he reorganized his forces, which on appeal scored five points unanswered (21-25). Here, Norberto Alves had to ask for a timeout. on one Very physical game And better on the spurs, Outperformed the home team, winning 40-36 in the first half.

Reconnect with a lot of disagreementAnd the good basketball game it’s the Result is still open. 2 Terrell Carter points (40-38) and Benfica has shown that he will not lower his arms. On the other hand, Limoges scored seven goals (47-38) and at times made the Reds’ task more difficult. With three minutes to play in the third quarter, Ivan Almeida approached the accounts in 54-52. in the end, 57-52 for the French formationAnd the The best eagles were to come!

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The last time the game, the stadium all or nothing to find the winner. Fantastic entry to Benfica with Terrell Carter And the James Elisor to reduce to 57-56. a lot of educationAnd the moments of uncertainty Emotion on the surface results in absences and pauses. a Limoges jumped forward again Five minutes after the final whistle, he was seven points ahead (65-58), then Norberto Alves suspended the match.

The instructions of the red captain were implemented, and with great quality, Benfica began to transform. Steals, rebounds, three-pointers and… 65-63 on the scoreboard! After Wes Clark’s mistake Evan AlmeidaThe Cape Verde winger converted two free throws and The bills equalize to 65-65. The 20 seconds to finish the challengeAnd the triple Tony Douglas and the Eagles flew ahead of the score (65-68)! Great performance, faith until the end and Benfica’s 67-68 victory. The red team had a party with the Benviquists who were on the wing!

Benfica Celebration

With this victory, the Reds add four points It ranked second in UEFA Champions League group F.

in the third dayscheduled for October 25 at 5:30 pmHey Benfica welcomes Baxi Manresa In the Fidelidade Suite. Before, eagles faced with Sangalhos, 3pm on Saturday 15th Octoberand with Ovarense, 6pm on Friday October 21justice Betclic League.

Norberto Alves


Norberto Alves (Benfica coach): “It was a very physical game, set in a very adverse environment, and completely packed with Limoges support. There were several moments. We started very well and according to our game plan, we didn’t let them run and tried, despite being a very physical team, to control the rebound. We managed to do it, but then they started to impose themselves and move on. In the second half we didn’t let them slip, we raised doubts about what could happen. We knew that if we managed to play at the end they would feel pressure. The team had an incredible personality and we defended in an extraordinary way. Dedicate this win to all Benfica fans! We won at home with a team that was already European champion and won more than 11 national titles in France. It is not easy to do what the boys did today. I am so proud of them, they knew how to team up and unite with each other in the horrible environment that was here today. I thank the Benfica fans who were at the stand.”

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Benfica team

Limoges Benfica
Beaublanc Sports Palace
Benfica is in fifth place
Aaron Broussard, Pettiño Gomez, Tony Douglas, Terrell Carter, Evan Almeida
Jose Barbosa, Thiago Barroso, Makram Ben Ramadan, James Elisir, Diogo Gameiro, Sergio Silva and Mike Zerbes
Limoges starting from five years
Jevon Greaves, Wilfred Yguete, Nicholas Lange, Wes Clark, Daisy Rodriguez
Hugo Desenet, Darren Goffins, Javontay Hawkins, Gavin Schilling, Mohamed Sidibe, Lukas Ogolin, Matthew Wojciechowski
First Quarter Second Quarter Third quarter The fourth quarter
16-22 40-36 57-52 67-68
Benfica scorers
Aaron Broussard (17), Petinho Gomez (15), Evan Almeida (12), Terrell Carter (10), Thomas Barroso (6), Makram Ben Ramadan (3), Tony Douglas (3) and James Ellisor (2)