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Linda de Souza's son updates the singer's health: 'I was scared when we realized her difficulties in feeding herself'

Linda de Souza’s son updates the singer’s health: ‘I was scared when we realized her difficulties in feeding herself’

At the beginning of September, the French press reported that the Portuguese singer Linda Souza He was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosissensitive and dangerous“. The newspapers even said the chances of recovery were “rare.

Little is known about the motive for such a situation, with notes only that the artist had a high fever, and also in “advanced case of dementia“, Hey Linda de Souza’s agent He had to submit a statement explaining the singer’s health condition.

His health, weakened by a high fever, is improvingIt was said on September 14th.

Linda De Sousa’s agent updates the singer’s health: “He has been bedridden for ten days”

On the afternoon of Monday, September 26, the singer’s son John SpearHe was in an interview on the show.JuliaIn addition to talking about his life story, which is also connected with music, the singer began to give New maternal health update.

My mother is doing better, she is recovering and recovering, I even saw her last Tuesday.He began by referring to the artist’s son, Julia Pinero.

As confirmed by Joao Lance, it was Linda de Sousa infected with Covid-19at the beginning of the pandemic, after it had gone through a more sensitive phase: “He had a lung infection, and unfortunately we already know what it looks like. She is also a smoker. With a busy and complicated life, she didn’t come to help‘, he confirmed.

Singer’s health condition remainscard bagIt got worse in August of this year, forcing him to be hospitalized: “She started with a high, high fever, and had to be hospitalized. On August 23 my mother went to the hospital. She was admitted to the hospital, and since then, as you can imagine, I have been in constant contact with her, the doctors, who follow up with her, and if not by phone, there is always a visit from me afterwards.“.

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However, João Lanza does not hide a file The first period of severe distress with the singer’s health: “There was a certain alarm, and I was scared, too. However, the situation was never dangerous, contrary to what was said. And because it was quickly discovered in time. And then it doesn’t have to be too dangerous. Where I was a little more anxious when we realized her difficulties in feeding herselfJoao Lanza admitted.

Julia Pinheiro also questioned Linda de Sousa’s son about the news that was also covered movement problems by artist.

No it is not true. So far, there are no signs of that, people know her, they know her character, thank God she’s still doing well at that level. She is in good company, you can see us, surrounded by friendsIt concluded at the end of the program.