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Linda D'Souza did not die and is "recovering well".  The family asks respect for the artist

Linda D’Souza did not die and is “recovering well”. The family asks respect for the artist

Linda de Sousa, 74, was hospitalized in France, where she lives, and family friends reported that she was “recovering well”. During this Saturday, several news of the singer’s death began circulating on social media. Posts have since been deleted.

However, the family has already made several announcements across local radio and friends: “

Linda de Souza is recovering well…don’t share misinformation. Linda de Sousa is not dead. We appreciate your respect for the artist and family,” says TO Ferreira.According to France Dimanche, the translator of “Mother of Portugues (Mala de Cartau)” suffers from serious mental disorders, which make her hallucinate with a “struggle between the forces of good and evil.”

Linda de Sousa’s only child wants his mother back to Portugal to recover. Joao Lance, 54, who is also a singer, admits he does not have a close relationship with his mother, but ensures that he is in “daily” contact with her and the accompanying doctor to see her improvements.

boss Rádio Terras de Lanhoso had already denied the news on social media and apologized “for the statement and others about the death of singer Linda de Sousa because it was a lie”.

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