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LineageOS 20 arrives with improvements from Android 13 QPR1

LineageOS 20 arrives with improvements from Android 13 QPR1

For fans of custom ROMs, LineageOS is definitely one of the most popular names. The creators of one of the most popular Android mods, LineageOS 20 arrives with more news for users, based on the new Android 13 QPR1.

In just under a month after hitting Pixel line devices, LineageOS 20 users are now welcome can benefit Some news about Google’s standalone ROMs, and it might bring some Android 13 news to devices that, otherwise, wouldn’t receive it.

The new version arrives with all the latest updates made to Android 13, namely in terms of design and interface. Among the novelties in the new version is the arrival of a new camera app, which will be based on Google CameraX, an API that the company uses for its latest versions of Android.

The new app, called Aperture, contains all the basic tools found on Android 13, and allows access to all of the photo-taking technologies that Google also uses on Android.

Changes have also been made to the design, and now the interface is more adapted to Material You, the new version of the design found in Android 12 and 13. The recording app has also received improvements, now being able to capture content in stereo and WAV format.

Finally, the entity still provides the April-December 2022 Google security patch for all devices running LineageOS 17.1 through LineageOS 20, ensuring that all models are updated to the latest version and a secure system.