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LinkedIn: Disclosure of personal data of 700 million users

A few months ago, some social networks were subjected to successive attacks that violated the security and privacy of users. At the time, LinkedIn was one of the victims, and now it seems history is repeating itself. A powerful attack broke into data from 700 million accounts on social networks.

Given that LinkedIn has around 750 million users, this attack could have affected more than 90% of users.

experts RestorePrivacyThe security firm, which focuses on restoring privacy online, said the attacks behind the LinkedIn attack may have exposed users' personal information, violating their privacy.

Among them, they indicate data such as location, salaries, phone numbers and other sensitive information. Apparently, hackers will have published a sample of a million records.

So far, in 2021, we have already seen two separate incidents where bad actors exploited the professional platform to collect large amounts of user data.

RestorePrivacy experts said.

What data hackers can do next is anyone's guess. However, the online security company highlighted identity theft and phishing attacks, stressing that "the implications of this are far-reaching."

turn, the last 9To5Mac Report It revealed that information regarding addresses, occupations, email addresses, full names, phone numbers and more had been disclosed. However, according to RestorePrivacy, the hackers did not release the passwords of the infected users.


LinkedIn users aren't the only ones affected

Despite the protection we can (try) guarantee, the Internet is not a 100% safe space. In fact, there are many hackers who develop malware and other malicious files to attack many victims.

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Remember, for example, the scheme Kraknoush, which, after being installed by players, runs cryptocurrency mining software without the computer owner noticing.