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Lionel Nunes, the man with Garrafão, died – Coimbra News

Lionel Nunes, the man with Garrafão, died – Coimbra News

He died Lionel Nunes And the legendary Pemba Gate wrote today, and with it a little bit of Portugal also died.

The singer’s son has already confirmed the information on social networks: to all my father’s friends to whom, otherwise, I don’t know how to communicate the information to them because one by one is almost impossible, his funeral is on Sunday, at 14:30 in his village of Rapoula, good luck to everyone.

Garrafão’s man Lionel Nunes brightened dances in Portugal and student parties at Queimódromo in Coimbra.

Lionel Nunes Born in a small village near the city of Guarda called Rapoula, he has devoted more than 5 decades of his life to alternative folk music.

On his website we can read that “from a very early age he revealed a taste for music, having already inherited this pet from his father, who was already playing concertina and accordion in the cellars and taverns of the village, the son of a modest family, who only got the accordion His own in the troops., for a few years he was a civic builder, but music and dancers began to gain some importance, then nearly 30 years ago, he decided to devote himself entirely to music, since then, he has already added dozens of edited works, some of which are very famous such as ” Mulher Ingrata”, “Why doesn’t the turnip have a stem”, “Pau daroupa”, “Tomatoes de meu Irmão”, “O Bombeiro”, “Toca o meu Badalo” among others.

Lionel Nunes He was always accompanied by his 5-litre demigod, who was his primary companion and stage partner in all shows across our country, he used to say “the better the wine, the better the music”.

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