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Lions declare war on KSC

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Celebrates with his Lions: 1860 coach Michael Colner. © MIS

TSV 1860 gains confidence for the DFB Cup Round 16 against Munich Karlsruheer SC. Löwen coach Michael Köllner makes an announcement for the second division.

Munich – In the first half hour, the 3rd division TSV 1860 Munich does not seem to be a successful start to 2022. At this point, S.V. Vehan Wisepaden came out almost to the max. Hesse’s guests Florian Carstens and Dominic Prokop gave them a 2-0 lead. The referee may have ruled that the second goal was offside, but he did not. Marius Wilts was injured in the 29th minute. Michael Colner had to switch. Ergo: The Lions had a lot of problems in the first half. However, in the end, after a crazy match, the home team was 3: 2 (1: 2) “at the height of Keising”.

The TSV 1860 Munich Vehicle spins the game in Keising against Wiseden

“Today it was a reassurance above all else. The team played better after 0: 2. We were caught twice and still believe in ourselves,” Colner said in an interview. Bavarian Radio (PR): “If you look at the three goals today, a lot of them came from Pelek. We scored three sets of goals. That is the main point on our agenda.

“We said half the time that we could actually turn things around.”

Note: Despite the double strike, the six-year-old boys re-entered the game. While there is still plenty of room for improvement in both areas, the team created several goal threats in the era after the Sasca Molders. Defensive youngster Sami Belgahia brought one of these chances into the net before the break and made it 2-1 – new hope sprouted. “It brought our confidence back. Half the time we were told within ourselves that we could change things because we did not do many things wrong,” said captain Stephen Lex after the game. BR.

TSV 1860 Munich: The Lions show great determination against Wehne Wiseden

The second half saw some action from both teams at first, but Sixty scored three and put themselves on the winning track with two more set pieces. After a corner early in the second half, Stephen Salker announced the final turn. Richard Newtecker finally crowned his strong performance with a bit of luck – and with a combination of Lex’s back and shoulders. “We came back into action with a 2-2 win. If we equalize here, we will win the thing,” said the captain, who then happily deflected. Fought hard and won 3-2. “It’s important for us to have crossed the standards too. We were able to do that today,” Colner said.

“It’s a great game for us. Only we can win in the end.

The split between two midfielders and a Hurricane Newtaker was considered an advantage by Upper Palatinate’s Lowen coach “because it made us a little more unpredictable and the players could have confidence. It’s important to us. ”

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TSV 1860 Munich: Michael Colner announces 16th round of DFB Cup against KSC

The 52-year-old, who plays in the DFP-Bogal quarterfinals against Carlsroehr SC, hopes his players will recover well by Tuesday. “It’s a great game for us. In the end only we can win,” said Colner, who watched the floodlight game at Grunwalter Stadium (from 6.30pm on on Live Ticker). Unfortunately without the fans, but the Lion Suppressor declared a heated fight against the opponent from the 2nd Bundesliga: “We want to make it as hard as possible for KSC and make a big surprise and go to the last eight. That is our goal.” (Jork Pullinger)