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Galp Energia and BCP PSI-20 earnings take a maximum of a year and a half - Stock Exchange

Lisbon closes in the green as Galp advances gains, up more than 5% – Stock Exchange

The Lisbon Stock Exchange closed in positive territory for the second consecutive session at the beginning of 2022. Thus, PSI-20 advanced 0.58% to 5,670.45 points, with nine quoted points ending the day in positive territory and ten in the fall.

Galp Energia stood out on the rise, with shares of the company led by Andy Brown rising 5.13% to €9,178, a two-month maximum. The company was included in Bernstein’s list of potential winners for 2022, which ranked the Portuguese company as an “outperformer”. The investment bank noted that it is an “attractive investment opportunity” for many European companies listed in the energy sector, such as BP, Shell or Repsol, which were also rated as “outstanding”. According to Oswald Clint’s analysis, in a note cited by Bloomberg, the “financial, operational, and environmental, social, and corporate motivation” of these companies is highlighted.

The session was also positive for BCP, with bonds up 2.68% to €0.1493. The company’s bonds rose nearly 3% over the course of the session, even on a day when shares of the company BCP was subject to a bearish price target revision by Autonomous Research LLP (which belongs to the AllianceBernstein group). Jerónimo Martins was also in the spotlight, with shares up 1.79% to €20.52 per share.

The heavyweight EDP group finished the session in red. EDP ​​Renováveis ​​recorded the biggest drop this Tuesday, with bonds giving 2.45% to €21.48, while the parent company closed in the red with just a few: EDP gave 0.02%, with bonds priced at €4.879.

On a day when more than half of the listed companies closed in the red, Ibersol fell 1.13% (€5.26) and Corticeira Amorim fell 0.89% (€11.10) and gave CTT 0.65% (€4.62). In the telecoms sector, Nos was down 0.63% to close the day at €3.44.

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Among the gains, he also mentioned Pharol, which rose by 3.78% (€0.0796), and Mota-Engil, which posted a gain of 1.85% (€1.319). Navigator shares rose 0.95 percent to 3,398 euros, Greenvolt rose 0.77 percent (6.52 euros) and Ramada rose 0.56 percent (7.2 euros).

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