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Galp Energia and BCP PSI-20 earnings take a maximum of a year and a half - Stock Exchange

Lisbon falls and contrasts with Europe under pressure from retail and the Chinese central bank. Altri drops 11% – Stock Exchange

The PSI closed 0.61% lower at 6,223.23 points, contrasting gains above 1% in most European markets. Of the 15 included in the national index, seven came out positive and eight were low.

The pressure on the indicator was, above all, Sonae, BCP and Jerónimo Martins. But Altri distinguished itself by closing with a drop of almost 11%.

The paper mill finished the day 10.9% down to €5.76 thereafter to Bestinver They considered that the company may have already reached “peak” results and that pulp prices would begin to decline in the second half of the year.

But an increase in importance on the index was some big names, such as Sonae, which fell 2.55%, a day after it was revealed. Profits nearly double Classroom, BCP, which on Wednesday also Show his accountsOr Navigator who ceded 2% or Jerónimo Martins who shed 1.65%.

On the opposite end, Galp led the day’s gains, rising by 3.11%, followed by CTT which rose by 2.77%, and Sempa which rose by 1.13% before presenting its semi-annual results, which will still happen this afternoon.

The EDP group posted increases of 0.36%, in the case of EDPR, on the day it announced it sold wind wallet in italy And he bought 70% of a German company, 0.28% of the parent company that yesterday Displayed results.

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