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Power outage leaves PSI-20 in the dark on gains day in rest of Europe - Stock Exchange

Lisbon follows optimism in Europe, as BCP and Galp move the PSI-20 – Bolsa

The Lisbon Stock Exchange ended the first session of the week on a high, as the PSI-20 was struck by the optimism experienced by major shareholders in the last trading week of the year. BCP’s gains, up more than 1.5%, and Galp’s, in a session in which Sonae was the star of the session, encouraged negotiations.

The PSI-20 index closed up 0.43% to 5534.9 points, with 14 shares gaining and five falling. In Europe, the session was also one of the gains, on a day marked by new records on Wall Street, as stocks rebounded with the influence of Santa Claus, which usually supports sentiment in stock markets at this time of year, despite the decline. liquidity.

PSI-20 gain support was high BCP. The bank led by Miguel Maya advanced 1.67% to 14 cents a share.

Galp Energia has also been moved. The Portuguese oil company increased 0.94% to 8.60 euros.

However, it was Sonae that led the gains in Lisbon. The company in the world of Sonae gained 2.68% to 99.6 cents a share, in response Improvement in Rating by JB Capital Markets. The bank raised the target to 1.40 euros after that The company reported the sale of MDS, the insurance arm of the Sonae Group, to Britain’s Ardonaugh Group. Although the assessment did not change, CaixaBank/BPI analysts also praised the deal and emphasized that it could improve the “target” in the future.

The Spanish investment bank raised its valuation from 1.37 to 1.40 euros, maintaining its “buy” recommendation after the shutdown of Sonae and Brazil’s IPLF Holding, which jointly controls MDS, 100% sale agreement From this risk and insurance advisory group to the Ardonaugh Group, the UK’s largest independent brokerage group, it announced in a statement sent to newsrooms last Thursday.

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The biggest gainer in the stock market was Jerónimo Martins. The Portuguese retailer fell 1.48% to €19.96.

In the EDP group, electricity produced 0.33% to €4.783, while EDP Renováveis ​​decreased by 0.46% to €21.74.