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"List of threats and lies ..."

“List of threats and lies …”

On Sunday, May 30th, Gonzalo Coinaz used Instagram Stories to reveal pictures of “the biggest cow in the country.” The former footballer made harsh accusations and even called the person he was going to denounce as pu *. Without revealing further details, many followers speculated that the mysterious post may have something to do with Jéssica Nogueira, who has meanwhile stopped following Quinaz.

At the end of the night doubts dissipated and Jessica Nogueira broke the silence in Instagram stories confirming the end of the relationship with Queenaz:Today I finished what I should have done a long time ago. As you know, my “relationship” suffered major setbacks and it was nothing but a normal relationship. Living in a relationship with threats and lies leaves me a traceHe started writing.

The businesswoman revealed details of her persecution and intimidation today:Today I ran away, chasing people who were trying to photograph me everywhere I went. Even on the train they were actually filming me and pointing at me so if something happened to me, there would be hundreds of people watching. Luckily, I had people who helped me out without anything happening to me“, he added.

Jessica went on to say that it was her ex-boyfriend, Pedro Alves, who “saved” her from the situation: “Together with other people, Pedro Alves helped me get out of there safely, without knowing anything and seeing the condition I was in and another vehicle to protect that nothing happened to me, while they saw people filming me and guiding me where I go so that nothing happens, a man confronts me with a question About the site to call Uber and I am on the call with the person who was seeing a white Audi Az identified for picturing me and weird people always with their eyes in me, they took me as far as I was safe with my country“.

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At the end of that time, without even speaking, he did it for me without hesitation and without knowing why. Everything else is my personal life that I do not want to disclose, it will be handled properly. Now I just want to have peace and be calm and ask for your help and your respect for thatThe business woman concluded, revealing that she was committed to her ex-boyfriend.