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Listed companies in the energy sector, BCP and JM provide gas to the National Stock Exchange - Bolsa

Listed companies in the energy sector, BCP and JM provide gas to the National Stock Exchange – Bolsa

Lisbon Square ended the session on positive ground, as the national benchmark added 1.33% to 5641.69 points, with 15 quotes up, 3 down and 1 unchanged: Ramada.

Across the rest of Europe, major squares are also well on their way to closing on the green, which is driven primarily by the listed retail, oil, industry and travel stores. The only sector that has witnessed a decline in the old continent is the real estate sector.

Here, the quoted company most in support of the national standard is EDP Renováveis, adding 1.81% to €19.70. Parent company EDP also posted an increase, rising 0.62% to 4,515 euros.

It should be noted that the expansion into new markets led to EDP Renováveis ​​revising its management model. The company led by Miguel Stilwell announced on Tuesday that It will implement a new organizational model., which separates the group’s business in different regions of the world where it is located.

The rest of the energy sector was also on the rise. Galp advanced 1.59% to 9,584 euros, On a day that saw strong oil gainsREN shares jumped 0.60% to 2.52 euros. For its part, Greenvolt – Altri’s renewable energy arm – posted a 1.29% increase to 6.30 euros.

BCP was also helped by the positive movement in Lisbon, rising by 2.94% to €0.1678.

Retail also performed well, with Jerónimo Martins up 2.01% to €20.81, while Sonae added 1.55% to €1,047.

Bernstein Investment Manager reviewed today in high The recommendation for Pingo Doce owner’s stock, from “market performance” to “outperform”, raised its target price from €19.5 to €23, giving it a 10.5% upside potential against Tuesday’s close.

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Pharol also performed well, closing up 0.51% to €0.08. The number jumped 0.47% and the value of CTT increased by 1.15%.

In paper mills, Semapa was trading on an offsetting cycle, down 0.51%, while Altri and Navigator gained 1.61% and 0.60%, respectively.

The other two companies listed on the exchange are Corticeira Amorim (-1.31%) and Ibersol (-1.54%). The Portuguese restaurant giant, which is exploring the spaces of brands such as Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pans or Pasta Café, revealed today that Seven burger kings opened In the last three days of 2021 we now have 119 restaurants of this brand in Portugal.