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Listen to the “Diamond Song” as it booms during volcanic eruptions

Listen to the “Diamond Song” as it booms during volcanic eruptions

A team of audio experts has relied on science to explain the song that emerges from the formation of diamonds as Pangea splits into continents.

The breakup of supercontinents, with all the geological events involved, generates massive volcanic eruptions that can lead to massive volcanic eruptions. Extracting diamonds from deep within the Earth's crust And the mantle, bringing them to the surface very quickly. Although we cannot see such events as they occurred millions of years ago, sound experts relied on scientific data published in the journal nature To create an audio interpretation of these amazing events.

Photo: James St. John/CC-BY-2.0 / FreeGameGuide

In the video we see 240 million years of continental break-up and joining, with pulses of orange light indicating… Kimberlite explosionsKind of Molten rock that may contain diamonds. Each pulse has a tone – the greater the latitude of the event, the louder it is, and the lower it is, the lower the tone. paying off:


The background melody accompanies the movement of tectonic plates, with major (happier) chords appearing as the continents break apart and move apart, and minor (darker) chords as they join.

Diamonds and the breakup of Pangea

The visual and audio representation of the appearance of a diamond is very interesting, but it is worth remembering that it is just a simulation, even if it is scientifically based. The kimberlite eruptions we see in the video occurred where diamonds are frequently found today, especially in South Africa.

Volcanic activity begins shortly after the breakup of the supercontinent Pangea, which spread across the sea to form the present-day continents. The research on which the simulation was based, from SYSTEM Sound, was conducted by a team from the University of Southampton and published in 2023.

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In it, geologists discovered that the eruption pattern is caused by several instabilities beneath the separate continents, which also destabilize neighboring regions in advance and end up causing the kimberlite to be expelled from the mantle. The same company that created the images He works frequently with NASA, representing cosmic objects Like black holes in audio version.

source: nature, Nature Earth and Environment Reviews

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