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Little Alfred (10 months) started vomiting

Little Alfred (10 months) started vomiting

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Tuesday afternoon was not like the others.

Over the weekend, Simone noticed a small mushroom in one of our potted plants in the kitchen. But it was just a small mushroom, so we didn’t think much about it – what could it do? It’s just a peaceful little mushroom like the one you might find in your neighbor’s garden…

But the reality turned out to be completely different.

On Tuesday we were eating dinner when we saw our 10-month-old Alfred sitting with half a mushroom in his hand. Alfred eats everything from the garden, so we had no doubt that he ate these mushrooms.

We quickly picked him up and put a finger down his throat and he vomited. We did this 2-3 times in a row to drain it as much as possible.

The conversation with the poison line started out terribly and I sat down and felt like the person just wanted to end the conversation quickly. This person spent more time explaining to me why you shouldn’t put your finger down a child’s throat than me worrying as a parent that my child has eaten a mushroom and is vomiting every 10 minutes.

I hung up, read back and forth, Googled as much as I could, and decided to call back – because I wasn’t feeling very good. Someone else was kinder, more welcoming, and at least listened. My words.. They kept saying the same thing over and over and said it was nothing but now I decided to press on because I didn’t think they were taking me seriously enough.

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Then I took a picture using google lens and sent her a picture of the mushroom with the possible species.. We talked freely back and forth and finally she said she would send the picture to a specialist and would call back.

The mushroom in question in the potted plant. Image: private

Alfred vomited again, so I decided to take my eldest daughter, Albert, and drive her to her grandparents, where everything was very chaotic and we could see that she was very emotional.

In the car, the poison line rang but the call didn’t go through and I left a voicemail but there was nothing on it so I thought everything was fine. I call back and she calls at the same time and there’s a little bit of technology chaos. She left a message again and in that message asked to contact her immediately! That it is very important…

My heart rate shot up to 200. I could hear in her voice that it wasn’t good.

I couldn’t, then she called my other phone, which I had sent the picture on, and said: Kenneth, you have to call 113 now, he has to be hospitalized immediately!
All this while I’m sitting with Albert in the car… and suddenly it’s as if the whole world stops… Thoughts flying uncontrollably, my heart is on its way out of my chest and the tears are pressing. on me!

I call 113, drive Albert to my parents and guide the ambulance back home. I came home to find Simon completely clueless, having no idea what the situation was. But she heard from my drive down the aisle that something was wrong. I come running in and hear the sirens in the background telling Simone that he needs to go in immediately and that the ambulance is there now… I will never forget the look on her face!

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Simon and I ran to the ambulance, where you could see they were also nervous about the situation. Simon jumps, then they take him to Roskilde where they begin treatment.

It turns out that mushrooms are very poisonous and deadly poisonous!

It is related to the greenfly mushroom, but they don’t know about the mushroom and can find only one article about it from Prague.
A potential antidote is then urgently sent from Rigshospitalet immediately, and the mushrooms are sent for analysis in a taxi so they can learn more about the type of mushroom.
We have to stay in the hospital for 3 days, as you probably won’t be able to see the liver damage until after 72 hours.

Fortunately, things worked out well for Alfred. Image: private

Alfred gets the antidote every 6 hours. They perform regular blood tests to see the progress of his numbers. Really a lot for such a little fellow and he’s so good!
We are now back home, after 72 hours of hell, where we didn’t know if we would ever bring our son home.

Alfred is doing well and is satisfied after the wonderful treatment he received from all the staff at Roskilde Hospital.
It shouldn’t be possible to grow poisonous mushrooms in pots at home – but it’s certainly possible, as the soil can contain fungal spores!

Therefore, we encourage everyone to check if their plants contain fungus and then remove it immediately, as it could kill your child, dog or cat.

Please share so the word spreads quickly – a lot of people have fungus on their plants, and don’t know it can be deadly toxic! 🙏

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The name of this mushroom: Lepiota elaiophylla.

This article was published on the Facebook page of Danish father Kenneth Ryle Thorsson, and has also been published on a number of Danish news websites. Among others, Danish TV 2.

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